Important points for baby bottom cleaning

Important points for baby bottom cleaning

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Make time to change diapers fun!
Giving your baby something interesting while changing her diaper, such as giving colorful pictures to your baby, can make your baby look better when changing diapers. The paintings not only distract the small, but also improve his senses.Frequency of ChangeIt is necessary to love babies very much and also to change them frequently sık During the first two months, you will notice that you change your baby's diaper maybe 10 times during the day. But don't worry, this frequency will decrease over time. The cloth should be replaced immediately if it gets wet or soiled. Your baby usually tells you about it, but not always. You should check your baby's diaper frequently. Changing timeChanging or not changing… As you know, babies are very frank. They always tell you exactly what they want. But just in case they don't, let's give you a few tips on when to change their pants:
  • Just before or after food,
  • After every dirty gold,
  • Before going to bed,
  • When she woke up,
  • When you go out with your baby.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When cleaning the bottom of the baby girl, do not forget to do it from front to back!

Stop the bastard before your baby bakes… There are many factors that can lead to rash. Leaving urine or faeces in contact with the skin for too long can cause a rash, as well as the use of antibiotics. When your baby starts eating solid foods, if you feed new foods at intervals of several days, you can tell if the rice is caused by a particular food.Choose a diaper size for your baby
Babies like you want to wear things that fit right on them. Use a cloth that does not hang or pull even when your baby is walking or crawling. This will prevent leakage. Remember, as the size of the diaper increases, its absorbency increases.

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