Is your child afraid of school?

Is your child afraid of school?

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The school, the first socialization institution for children, is also one of the first elements of fear for children. Students do not want to go to school with various excuses, uneasy at school and show some symptoms of disease 'school phobia' is called.

What are the symptoms?

This condition usually occurs when a child is very dependent on the mother and suddenly leaves the mother, causing nausea, abdominal pain and dizziness in the child. These complaints are usually seen before bedtime on Sunday evening and on Monday morning. This behavior can become a habit if the parent is worried about the child's condition and does not send him to school.

Can school phobia have depression?

Sleep problems and susceptibility may occur in children due to school fear. After a while, the child may show unconcerned attitudes towards going to school and doing his homework. In situations such as teacher pressure, overreacting by the instructor about the lessons that the student cannot achieve or understand in the school environment, inappropriate class order, mockery of friends, students may develop depression and develop phobia.

What should parents do?

One of the reasons for school fear is the excessive dependence of the parents' relationship with the child. The main reason for school fear is that the child lives in a family that is constantly worried, doing whatever he wants, and living in an uneasy family order.
If the child is afraid of school and does not want to go to school, he should be allowed to go to school, but no violence and pressure should be applied. The student should be convinced by providing explanatory information about the benefits of school education. Individuals in the family should help the child with this.

Why does the desire to escape school develop?

In the event of a run-out, the student does not fear school, does not make any complaints, but acts aggressively. The learning potential of this type of student is generally low. Incompatible students who find the school environment boring and who have high disciplinary crimes run away from school. The uneasy atmosphere in the family and the overpressive family rules and the attitude of the instructor in the school affect the student negatively. Disliking the school, not wanting to read and wrong friendships are the most effective reasons to escape from school. In addition, the presence of internet cafes and billiards in the immediate vicinity of the school makes it more fun for the child to escape from school.

How can we prevent the child from escaping from school?

* Encourage the child to go to school and try to find out the reasons for escaping.
* Talk to the school counselor and develop a common language of communication.
* Check the child's friendship environment and substance tendency.
* If he is aggressive, approach him calmly.
* Do not reflect your lack of communication in the family as a parent.
* If you can not solve the problems in this way, make sure that the child receives psychological help and, if necessary, get support as a parent.

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