Birth experience from a pediatrician perspective

Birth experience from a pediatrician perspective

It is a big event but it is also natural. Human is programmed to give birth like any other mammal. One of the biggest problems of our day is görül a disease ”,“ a problem ”, komplikasyon a complication.. Especially when you look at our country, you see an incredible picture. It is as if everyone with economic power is giving birth by caesarean section. In particular, many women's obstetricians in Istanbul say that 80% of their births are made up of caesarean sections. Everyone is now adjusting the birth date of their child. Our gynecologists are already very experienced and the results of cesarean sections are very good. It's like it's normal now.

However, there is something forgotten. What really is the birth. Birth is normally between 38-42 weeks (42 is not expected anymore), when the mother and the baby are ready for birth, the head slowly moves from the womb to the birth canal, then the head is placed in the vagina and ready for birth. In the meantime, the birth membranes are torn and the process accelerates. As the mother pushes during the natural labor pains, the baby progresses slowly in the birth canal and the head and then the body comes out of the vagina.

I'm trying to understand why birth, natural birth, or even vaginal birth, are completely forgotten. Yes, some births should be performed by caesarean section due to a number of risks related to the mother or the baby. However, these births are a very small part.

I think the caesarean section is now the gold standard, our culture is badly mixed in the situation. Even women who are afraid to experience the pain of birth. or to persuade the family.

Modern medicine, as in many other issues, emphasizes the intervention in the field of labor.

Modern medicine has of course reduced human deaths and infant mortality and problematic consequences. For example, birth asphyxia during birth due to airlessness due to injuries, paralysis.And sometimes the vital importance of intervention.

However, it is very important to make this distinction. There is no need to be afraid or worried in every patient because of the rare complications. It is important to separate the risky situations and see the risk in time that many experienced obstetricians can do it.

One of the unspoken issues is the possible harm of caesarean to the baby and mother. Thanks to the advancing techniques and physician skills, problems are experienced much less frequently in the caesarean section than in the past. As the baby is born a little earlier than time, the baby's lung development may be less than the nomal. This can also create respiratory distress.

According to a recent study, attachment, which we call attachment, varies according to normal birth or caesarean section. Mothers who give birth are easier to attach or attachment.

Breastfeeding experience is actually easier when you have a normal birth.

Breastfeeding is much easier and more spontaneous, especially if the birth is done without medication or intervention.

I would like to remind you that birth can be done naturally, normally, and it is one of the most pleasant things in the world. Although normal birth is possible, natural birth should be considered by both the prospective mother and the doctor. Every woman can give birth and have the ability to “give birth içindeki in her.

Natural or normal birth may not be possible because of medical reasons or personal reasons, but it is important to remember this alternative.

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