Hail, I'm pregnant!

Hail, I'm pregnant!

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Isn't it absolutely an undefined happiness for you to give life to a new creature in your body? It must be very exciting to watch him develop step by step. Here is the incredible story of the journey from mother's womb to birth…

The moment a woman finds out she's going to be a mother, she's having the most incredible joy in her life. Giving life a life of your own… It must be really awesome! For this reason, expectant mothers for nine months do not want to miss any. From the first moment until the birth, the adventure is experienced in excitement.

It's so tiny ...

With sexual intercourse, 8 hours after the sperm reaches the egg cell, the new cell divides for the first time. In other words, the chromosomes of the egg and sperm cells (carriers of hereditary properties) form pairs and mix with each other. After this merger, the first cell divides and transmits hereditary traits to others. Shortly after fertilization, what will be the eye color of the baby to be born, whether the mother's dark hair, or the father's light hair, whether the father is capable of music, such as his family and gender is certain. The journey of the fertilized egg cell in the egg channel takes about 6 - 8 days. When the fertilized cell reaches the uterus, it becomes the size of the head of a pin. Isn't that tiny?

A new life…

The cells that reach the uterus are now beginning to realize the separation of new life. Half of these cells give rise to the placenta. The other half is developing embryos.

50 percent of the genetic material of the proliferating pregnancy cells belongs to the father. Therefore, baby cells are genetically alien to the mother's immune system. Therefore, the baby must be rejected by the woman's body as a foreign organ. However, with the control mechanisms that are not fully illuminated for today, the embryo is not rejected and continues to develop by clinging to the mucous membrane inside the uterus. Here is the miracle of nature! The cells that make up the placenta proliferate in the mucosa, damaging the capillaries here. Therefore, some pregnancies cause mild and harmless bleeding during this early period. You don't have to worry.

Yeah! You're pregnant!

When the fertilized egg settles in the uterus, the hormones begin to send a signal that the body is pregnant. Especially the production of HCG hormone from the placenta is increasing. The value of this hormone on the first day when the cell attaches to the uterine wall increases from 10 to 100, after 2 days. In pregnancy tests, it is easy to measure HCG, which increases in the pregnant woman's body, which doubles nearly every 48 hours. When this hormone reaches a certain level, the color of the stick used in the test changes. The tests used today have become so sensitive that it is possible to know for certain whether the woman is pregnant on the first day of menstruation.

9 month adventure

The first examination in pregnancy is usually done in the 5th week of pregnancy. We call it fifth week because gynecologists calculate pregnancy from the first day of the last menstrual period. The doctors performed the first ultrasound examination;

• Whether pregnancy is located in the uterus,

• The size and shape of the amniotic sac,

• They do this in order to obtain accurate information about the presence of uterine fibroids in the expectant mother's womb.

The mother only spotted a gray silhouette on the ultrasound screen. The amniotic sac looks like a dark level on the screen. It takes some time for the mother to see movement on the screen. Because the baby's heart rate is monitored 42 days after the last menstrual period. In the second examination in the 18th - 22th week of pregnancy, the doctor checks the development of the baby and examines the development of the heart, chin - lip - palate structure. 28 - 32 weeks of pregnancy in the development of the baby is determined, the state of the internal organs are examined and the amount of amniotic fluid is measured.

Watch out for the first 3 months!

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the baby develops. A whole new creature is made up of a cell that has not yet been noticed. During your 12th gestational week, your baby is 6 to 7.5 cm tall and weighs 15 g. His heart and other organs have already begun to develop. Tiny hands and feet are also shaped and in motion. Your baby will now develop in your abdomen for only 6 months.

During the first 3 months of pregnancy, there are no large differences in the body of the expectant mother. However, since the baby's organs begin to develop during this period, you should pay twice more attention to your health. Therefore, if you are using alcohol and quit smoking. Do not take medication without consulting your gynecologist.

Symptoms of pregnancy
symptomsWhen is it seen?
Lack of menstruationDuring Pregnancy
Morning sickness, intestinal gas increaseBetween 2 and 8 weeks of pregnancy
Frequent urinationAfter 6 - 8 weeks of pregnancy
Pain and swelling of the breastsA few days after becoming pregnant
Blue, pink lines on the breasts and skin under the abdomenIn the first 3 months of pregnancy
Excessive desire for certain foodsIn the first 3 months of pregnancy
Darkening of the line extending down the coreIn the 4th - 5th month of pregnancy

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

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