Allergy may be the cause of nasal flesh

Allergy may be the cause of nasal flesh

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Allergic rhinitis and recurrent infections often result in nasal flesh and tonsil growth. In children with nasal obstruction and sleep apnea, when the nasal flesh and tonsils are removed by surgery, 80-90% of sleep apnea improves. However, one of every four children who have tonsils and nasal flesh without any allergy treatment, the nasal flesh grows again and complaints repeat and a vicious circle occurs.

Allergy Specialist Dr. Clover Plate; pointing out the importance of breathing comfortably through the nose and mouth in terms of health, says that the role of children in the development of large. He stresses that the underlying cause of tonsil and nasal flesh problems that can cause growth and developmental delay, distractions, school failure, intelligence problems, heart and lung disorders should be investigated. Snoring and frequent sickness in the child's nasal flesh and tonsils, even if the disease recurred, stating that the underlying cause before surgery and allergy should be investigated, he says.

Professor Dr. Clover Plate; treatment of allergies without surgery without the need to shrink the nasal flesh and tonsils and says that it is possible to pass the nasal congestion. If you have snoring and sleep apnea that do not go away with Allergy treatment, nasal flesh and tonsil surgery can be considered, he says. He points out that having children undergo surgery again impairs their quality of life.Sleep Quality Improves Children's School Success IncreasesProfessor Dr. Clover Plate; Allergy treatment will improve the sleep quality of the child's nose opened, sleep quality of the child's school performance will improve, sleep growth at night due to increased growth hormone secretion will accelerate, the appetite will increase, he says. It also emphasizes that middle ear infection, sinusitis and most importantly asthma development will be prevented as a result of nasal obstruction. Allergic diseases occur as a whole in children, allergic bronchitis / asthma in most children with allergic fever is added to this table after a while, he says. He added that the risk of asthma is higher in allergic rhinosinusitis cases where the nasal discharge lasts more than 10 days, and that the development of asthma is prevented in the allergic child by preventing the sinusitis which is the result of allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion. Therefore, it is pointed out that the treatment of allergies as a whole will determine the responsible allergy and, if appropriate, sublingual vaccine treatment and the radical solution will treat the allergy as a whole.

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