Being a father is hard to craft

Being a father is hard to craft

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We have not forgotten the difficulty of having children. But let's face it, once you've gone through all those difficult stages, the mother knows what she's going to do. Maybe instinctively. What about Dad? Not usually ready. He doesn't know how to hold the baby or what to do. You can't even take your eyes off every time you get the baby in your arms, just in case it falls!

Mothers: You should help your partner and teach him how to be a father! Remember, the more you help him to become a father, the more paths, water, electricity return to you! So you become a happy mother, your partner is a happy father, your child becomes a small individual with happy parents.

Roles are changing

30-40 years ago, the title of getiren bringing home bread olabilir might have been enough for the father, but today the responsibilities attributed to the father have decreased considerably. Now the mother is working and ekmek bringing bread home. ”In short, if half of the responsibility falls on you, then you have to share her responsibilities.

A matter of balance

Okay, admissions, working hours have increased from past to present. According to European generalization, people now work more than 40 hours a week. But remember, bringing home is not understandable to your children. Because they're too small to understand the stresses you've experienced in your business life. Regardless of your day, remember that they need father's attention and love.

Evening routine

Spend a certain time each evening for your family. Help your wife with the housework if you want, or prepare your child for the next school day. Don't forget the game time, you need to put it in the routine.

Set an example

Did you know that you were the only male role model in your life for your child? He'll learn how to behave by imitating you. If he recognizes you as a concerned and respectful person, he will treat people like that.

Contact your partner well

It is important to communicate with your partner in order to meet the needs of your baby and family in the most accurate and complete way. Talk about your behaviors, your responsibilities, whether you like each other or not. If necessary, set some rules together and ensure that all family members follow these rules. So get your standards.

Don't hurt your husband

It can be fun to make fun of men about things they can't do. But often making fun of someone and underestimating it leads to cracks in the relationship. Give up immediately, especially if you do this kind of behavior with your child. Because in his eyes, you will have badly shaped his father.

Achieve success

Good managers (whether at work or at home) find their employees' tapering aspects and highlight them. They put them in such a position that they go to success with themselves. The father is not the right choice for complex or emotional work. Hence, put the responsibilities on which he can use his motor skills. Okay, it might be a cliche, but it's real, let's see the muscles!

Dad, not your assistant.

Current children's programs are very busy; basketball game, ballet course, piano lessons to say, it is up to the mother to organize all the work. In this case, the mother becomes the decision maker and the father the assistant. To avoid doing this, decide on the activities your child will participate with your partner. Don't treat your wife as a driver! Even if your partner is not aware of it, it can become a person's mood.

Take time to rest

People should rest every day. Not much, 15-20 minutes will be enough. For some it might be reading newspapers, for others it's just wandering on Facebook or sitting down doing nothing ver Allow your partner time and don't blame him. You should save the same time for yourself. In general, it becomes difficult for mothers to try to be anne perfect mothers bu, and this tension affects their fathers badly. Just calm down and focus on what you can be, not what you can't be.

Often making love

One of the most important issues you can support your partner in the early years of fatherhood will be to keep your sex life alive. You should not lose your physical communication. Yes, your baby's endless crying may be added to the fatigue of the day, but you should create opportunities for each other and your relationship. A good father is a father who loves his wife and home. Since sexuality is one of the most important building blocks of a marriage, we think you have understood what we mean.

It was taken from the August issue of Bebek Magazine.

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