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As in the last few years, you will spend the next year and the next few years learning to deal with the problem of 'no confidence'. At the heart of the trust issues that you have to deal with are love and self-gaze. The theme of 2005 was monetary issues. Now it seems that the issues in this area are on track. This year you will focus on intellectual and mental development.

You have had an emotional separation with your family for several years, and this will continue in 2006. Health and work have always been important to you. They are the main pillars of your life. This year, this situation will not change. Since June 2005, spiritual matters have become important to you. This trend will become stronger next year. Let us look at the developments that are waiting for you next year.

Home and family

In 2006, especially after November 24, home and family matters will be your most important interests. Years of deep psychological cleansing and transformation continue. Many of you have lost your family members. Others faced psychological, but not physical, death of family members. Many of you are discovering who your real family is. This may not be your biological family.

Old emotional wounds and traumas continue to rise to the surface of consciousness, while the emotional nature of Virgo undergoes a tremendous transformation in 2006. Many of you have physically separated from your family, others have experienced this separation only on a psychological level. This separation, whether physical or psychological, will not last long. In the coming years you will reunite on a better and more conscious level.

Love and social life
The relationship of Married Virgo (especially in the first marriage) is going through a test. The only way to save marriage is to allow maximum freedom unless it is destructive.

Single Virgo will probably not get married for a while. Enjoying all your love experiences without making too many future plans! Don't resist change. When one love is over, another will begin, in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. This is a time for you to experiment and gain experience.

You are looking for perfection in everything, but especially in love, this is already your natural feature. This year, however, this feature will become even stronger due to planetary influences. It's great to analyze it to improve your love relationship, but don't kill magic by doing it in romantic moments. Wait a day or two then analyze.

Your love life will be active all year long, but it seems to be the most active period, especially from 19 February to 20 March and from 6 April to 5 May.

Finance and career
In 2006, you will not experience a lot of money and careers. Some years aren't career years, that's a year. Usually your business life was at the center of your social life. This is not valid this year. In 2006, the intellectual, mental and social aspects of life will become more important to you.

Many of you have successfully completed 2005 financially. Your earnings have risen, your assets have risen, and most of you have met your basic financial goals. You find that much enough and now you want to improve your mind.

However, working life remains important to some extent. Because working for you as a Virgo member is valuable, it has nothing to do with the money, prestige and status you earn from that job. You value work because it offers the opportunity to perform a task.

Especially looking for a job, Virgo will be the most aware of this situation. Intending to change jobs, Başaklar will be interested in the social opportunities of any job offer, rather than money and prestige.
It's no surprise that you've changed a few jobs all year round. You tend to work in companies where the workforce is constantly flowing. At work, you will always have the opportunity to meet new people. isfrom.

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