How to be a good mother?

How to be a good mother?

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Make fine adjustmentsFor any reason, small children may deviate from sleep or meal times. A problem that seems small to you sometimes becomes insurmountable for your child who grows and develops day by day. Sometimes you need to fine-tune your life in order to relieve the tension of change without making it felt and to make your child feel safe. The most important thing you need to do in an emerging problem is to approach it as subtle as possible. For example, instead of moving your toilet-trained child to the toilet every half hour during the night, calculate when he / she needs to go to the toilet. Give it to him without disturbing the training.explainTalking for children between 18 months and 3 years of age consists of imitation. It is therefore difficult to understand exactly what a 2-year-old boy is trying to say. Failure to understand what he's saying will make him angry, making him vicious. Therefore, no matter how difficult your task is to solve the language use of your child's caveman. Make short sentences to communicate comfortably with your child. Repeat sentences frequently as you tell him something. When your child is angry or sad, make sentences that will make you feel that you understand him even if you don't understand why.Be diplomaticChildren can be sweet little angels, cruel, little demons… They often say what they want. Moreover, if they are not done, they will kick, scream, scream, and even bite. Sometimes even the simplest actions of the day, such as feeding, sleeping, and sitting in a car seat, can turn into a noisy and violent scene. This is where diplomacy comes into play. Diplomacy requires patience, understanding and, of course, a little crafty strategy; but it always works.Look like you're interestedChildren are obsessed. When they are affected by something, they eat, drink, sleep, play, in short, all their lives begin to pass in the shadow of what they are affected. In this big, new, and sometimes frightening world, replacing or passionately engaging in something gives them some confidence. They could be a princess or a crime fighter, a carwasher or a firefighter they were passionate about. Sit back and let your little boy teach you a thing or two. Even if another monologue about rustling brushes is not of interest to you, try to listen to your child with surprise without losing control. Now and always…Look through his eyesWalking on the road with a small child can sometimes be insane because of the continuous breaks of discovery; but this is actually an indication of how healthy your young child is. Everything is new and interesting for your child. Therefore, it is very normal for him to discover, try to know, research, touch and even try to taste everything as soon as possible. Iz We'll go soon, ”ız We'll arrive soon,” sentences have no meaning. You need to tell him in concrete terms.Become a fashion consultantYour son may insist on wearing his favorite shorts over his favorite pants, or you may not be able to convince your daughter to go out without a pink princess cloak. Do not panic! Strange fashion preferences are common in this period. You can't push him anywhere. All you have to do is make her feel like an expert in fashion. You can't tell a specialist what to wear; but you can make suggestions. In addition, his own decisions support the passion for independence. Your role here is always to be careful and try to achieve the role of consultant. Give seasonal advice to your child. When it's snowing outside, if he wants to wear the Batman cloak on the T-shirt, tell him he looks more compatible with the gray sweater cloak. Always offer choices about what to wear. But to avoid confusion, always limit it to two or three options. Sometimes when children dress up, they accept help as an insult. Watch him get dressed, help him if he asks for your help, or back off and pretend not to interfere.You are his best friendWe have come to the most fun part of having children: the game! Now is the time to “hang out la with your child. Remember, you're his number one friend. Show him how to have a good time and keep in mind that everything he does with you will be fun enough for him already. With it you can watch the animals in the zoo, drink a big glass of juice with a straw at the same time, you can go up the stairs of the apartment by imitating frogs. After a big, fun day, you will be the best, funniest, best friend mother in the world.

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