Is it true that breastfed babies don't need to be burped?

Is it true that breastfed babies don't need to be burped?

It depends. It's true that breastfed babies typically don't need to be burped as often as bottle-fed babies. It's also true that some efficient little nursers don't need to be burped at all.

Some mothers routinely give their baby a couple pats on the back when switching from one breast to the other and after they finish nursing. But if your breastfed baby seems perfectly comfortable during and after a feeding, there's no reason to pat her until she burps.

Many breastfed babies don't swallow as much air when feeding as bottle-fed babies do, so they don't necessarily need help getting air out of their tummies.

But some babies – like those who are fussy when they nurse, or those whose moms produce an overabundance of milk or have a very swift milk letdown – do gulp air as they swallow. These babies may need to be burped to get comfy again. And for babies with reflux, burping them can ease symptoms.

Every baby is different and has a unique way of feeding, so tune into your baby's signals. If your baby cries or seems uncomfortable while nursing or after a feeding, she may need a little burping to settle down.

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