When can my baby go to a movie in a theatre?

When can my baby go to a movie in a theatre?

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If there's a film you really want to see, but you don't want to hire a sitter, you may be able to bring your baby with you to the show.

Check your local theaters to see whether they offer special daytime screenings for parents with infants. At these showings, the lights often stay on low and the volume gets turned down. Your fellow moviegoers are also much more likely to understand if your baby starts to fuss during the show.

You can try bringing your baby to a regular screening, but it's important to be considerate of others in the theater (and check the theater's policies about young children).

If you're lucky, your baby will nap the whole time. But if he starts to cry or cause distraction, leave the theater so you don't disrupt the experience for everyone else.

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