Influenza in allergic children!

Influenza in allergic children!

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The World Health Organization emphasizes that the first and second degree risk groups should be vaccinated every year. explains that there are asthma patients and those with respiratory allergy. Child Health Diseases and Allergy Specialist Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony, allergic children against all kinds of respiratory infections, children who are allergic than those who are more sensitive, he said. Allergic children can catch the flu more easily, the flu triggers existing allergies, the patient's fight against both flu and allergy weakened the defense system, he said. He pointed out that the child's disease was healed more severely and caused more medication. He emphasized that the flu vaccine protects against all the negative factors. required. Allergy Specialist Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony “Grip; especially in children with respiratory allergy, in the elderly with lung disease and in people with chronic diseases such as heart, kidney, diabetes, and more severe course of death may lead to serious consequences, leading to death. ev With the change in seasons, the crowded and closed environments increase the flu epidemic Health Diseases and Allergy Specialist Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony, egg allergies, except for those who are allergic to all patients strongly recommended to have vaccination, he said. He emphasized that people with anaphylactic allergy to eggs and chickens, that is, those who enter allergic shock when eating eggs and chickens, should not have the flu vaccine.When should the flu vaccine be given?Stressing that the flu vaccine should be done before the epidemic begins, Assoc. Dr. Akgul Akpinar Antony, the effect of the vaccine needs two to three weeks to come out and the most appropriate time, especially in the fall of October, he said. In addition to vaccination, some precautions were taken to reduce the risk of infection and listed the things to be done: • Avoiding close contact with people with flu, • Staying at home, • Coughing and sneezing the mouth with paper tissue or arm, • Using a mask, • Hands often wash,

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