Should pregnant women have a swine flu vaccine?

Should pregnant women have a swine flu vaccine?

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Pregnant women can catch swine flu more easily. Pregnant mothers are therefore very anxious… American Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Senai Aksoy and Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Dincer Yildirim answers questions about the impact of swine flu on pregnant women.

It is expected that swine flu that occurs in our country after America and Europe will cause an epidemic. The swine flu virus, which is more easily caught by people with weak immune systems, poses a great threat to pregnant women. American Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Senai Aksoy said: nedeniyle Because of its name, it is thought that swine flu occurs as a result of eating pork or foods containing pork products. However, the disease is not transmitted as a result of ingesting pigs and products. Swine flu is a respiratory disease caused by influenza type A, which occurs in pigs and occurs in an epidemic. ” Kiss. Dr. Dinçer Yıldırım said, domuz This disease is called swine flu because it is very similar to the flu viruses seen among pigs. This virus is a mixture of human, swine and bird viruses. Similar to normal seasonal flu disease in humans, symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, weakness, chills, body pain, headache develop. The diagnosis can be made with swabs taken from the nose and throat. ”

Ways of transmission

As with all influenza diseases, the main mode of transmission of swine flu occurs from person to person. The most common forms of transmission Senai Aksoy answers:

- Coughing and sneezing
- Hand contact with sick person
-Sexual contact
- Patient with same fork, spoon, plate, cup etc. use of
- Items in common areas (table, chair, door handle)

The swine flu virus can remain contagious for 7 days. Since the person infected with the virus can transmit the disease before they become ill, it poses a threat to the environment.
Who is at risk?

People with weak immune systems have a higher risk of developing swine flu. Children, the elderly, people with heart, respiratory and similar diseases and pregnant women can catch swine flu more quickly. Dr. Senai Aksoy, “Especially in pregnant women changes in hormone balance increases the risk of swine flu. Swine flu becomes more dangerous if the mother is also present with diseases such as asthma and heart. ”

Swine flu vaccine during pregnancy

Dr. Dinçer Yıldırım says: “Pregnant women are more at risk from swine flu than other people. Pregnant women are one of the groups in which swine flu vaccine is recommended. Because the risk of swine flu disease in pregnant women is more likely to cause complications. Just like pregnant women, women who have given birth have a high risk for this virus. The swine flu vaccine is expected to be as reliable as the normal flu vaccine. Mild vaccine-related side effects have been observed in humans. The swine flu vaccine has not yet been tested for harm to pregnant women. Normal seasonal flu vaccine is not a problem in pregnant women, even in pregnant is recommended. Although the swine flu vaccine (2009 H1N1 flu vaccine) is not sufficient, it is estimated that there is no harm in pregnant women like normal flu vaccine. The swine flu vaccine can also be given at any time of pregnancy, just like the regular seasonal flu vaccine. Only one dose of vaccine is recommended during pregnancy. ”

Anne Pregnant mothers who suspect that they have swine flu during pregnancy should contact a specialist as soon as possible. Medication should not be taken without expert supervision. ” Aksoy continues: “In the treatment of swine flu, oseltamir and zanamivir are used in drugs containing the substance. These drugs are offered in pills, liquids and powders. It is known that patients who have active substance get their health quickly. However, these drugs should be used very carefully in pregnant women. Serious and serious side effects that may occur on the mother and the baby may occur medications must be taken under the supervision of a doctor. If the mother has another disease, another treatment may be required at the same time. The best treatment for pregnant women suffering from the disease due to their sensitive immune systems is protection from the disease. ”
How to protect?

Hygiene is the most important condition to prevent swine flu that is rapidly spreading, especially in public habitats. Pregnant women should pay attention to hygiene conditions in schools, shopping centers, restaurants and protect themselves. Other things to do:

- Washing hands frequently can reduce the risk of developing the disease.
- It is possible to use disinfectant wipes and liquids in the absence of water and soap.
- Toilets in common areas should not be used as much as possible.
- Pay attention to balanced diet prevents weakening of the immune system.
- Pregnant women listening frequently to pay attention to their order makes them more resistant to patients.
-Mom candidates should stay away from suspected people and people with flu.

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