Advice for Fathers in Infancy

Advice for Fathers in Infancy

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In recent years, there are big changes in the role of fatherhood both in the world and in our country. Fathers, a few generations ago, saw themselves as the secondary person next to the mother in the role of parenting. Nowadays, there are many who play a primary role in the care of their children. father There. Development Expert Psychologist Sinem Olcay makes suggestions for fathers who love to take care of their baby.

What does research say about fathers taking an active role in baby care?

Taking care of fathers baby Studies that examine the impact of inclusion indicate the gains in child development. For example, father in infancy it was found that the children concerned were not only advantageous in terms of IQ, but also in terms of understanding of humor, attention span and learning enthusiasm. These studies show that the father's spending time with the child broadens the child's horizons: in the families the father is concerned with, there are two important adults instead of a single person in the child's life. In addition, these studies show that if the father is concerned, the support he feels behind the child is more continuous. In fact, one study has shown that the father's interest in adolescence makes it easier for the child to uphold his or her own values ​​and increases the power to resist pressure from friends.

What should mothers do to play an active role in the care of the father?

Many fathers, baby When he first saw in the hospital, he felt a wave of happiness and enthusiasm. After that, the important thing is to give fathers the opportunity to take care of their babies. A lot of research, newborn He showed that fathers became more eager to understand their babies and were more sensitive to crying. Fathers, who have the opportunity to spend time with the baby, respond much faster to the baby's behavior. In addition, these fathers soon learn when to inflate the baby, when to talk to the baby, and when to change the baby's diaper. In other words, when the behavioral cues of the newborn are shared with the father, the father realizes the importance of the baby for the baby and as a result tries to learn the specific “language ğin of the baby. These studies show that prejudices such as “Men cannot take care of babies olmad are not correct. All men need is the opportunity to learn their new job as a father.

Is it Possible to Paternize a Breastfeeded Baby?

Caring for baby One of the questions frequently asked by new parents who want to share equally is: orsa If the mother is breastfeeding father How will it share the feed? ”
From the first day back home from the hospital, the father can make a big difference for the whole family by helping the mother find the right position to breastfeed and taking the baby from the cradle to the mother for feeding. It is important that the mother begins to use bottles with breastfeeding to feed the baby after the milk is abundant. This increases the chances of your father being involved in the feeding process. The best time to move to a bottle is after the baby has fully learned its role in sucking - breastfeeding experts recommend waiting for 4 or 6 weeks before introducing the bottle or pacifier. (From our studies with families at IPC, we can see that babies can easily pass to the bottle at 3-4 weeks with one or two feeding bottles a day and do not have problems mixing the breasts with the other breasts. Pausing the bottle can sometimes cause problems: we see that some babies experience difficulty switching to a bottle or pacifier after 4 weeks.

Breastfeeding in fathers bottle they can feed their babies safely. If the bottle is given by the father at the end of the day or at night feeding, this will meet the resting needs of the mother. It is also a very enjoyable experience for the father to have the chance to stay with the baby and get to know the baby. Sharing a role in baby care not only gives the father a chance to get to know his baby better, but also helps him better understand how he can become a self-dependent, dependent, caring personality.

When Do Babies Know Their Fathers?

When a baby is 2 weeks old, he learns his father's voice and can distinguish it from other male voices. At four weeks of age, it shows predictable differences in behavior towards the mother, father and strangers. Without seeing who a baby is with, we can see whether he is communicating with his mother, father or stranger by observing his behavior. Usually when you're with the babies, the shoulders of the babies swell, expressing an enthusiastic wait and the desire to play - eyebrows in the air, mouth open, eyes shine. Even when he hears his father's voice from afar, this eager look is noticeable. At the age of four weeks, he expects his father to speak in a more exciting tone than his mother. the father When the image appears from a distance, babies' unique body language “Here you are! Come on, take me! ”

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