Is Cosmetic Use Harmful During Pregnancy?

Is Cosmetic Use Harmful During Pregnancy?

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Women always want to be well-groomed, don't they? The expectant mothers want to pay attention to their beauty for 9 months. But expecting a baby also scares them. We are also curious about kozmetik pregnancy and cosmetics ” Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full ProfileWe asked.

: - Is it safe to dye hair during pregnancy?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Varies according to the type of paint used. However, lead and derivative materials in paints can be harmful by absorbing from the skin. The exact contents of each paint product are unknown. There are various known chemicals and some of them may be harmful. Although the amount of harmful substances to be taken once may not be considered a risk, but it is useful to avoid applications with unknown side effects. In this respect, we do not recommend unless necessary.

: - Is it harmful to sunbathe during pregnancy?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile This is not good for the baby as we do not want to increase body temperature during pregnancy. Pregnant hours should not stop in the sun between 11-17. We do not recommend sunbathing before or after these hours. The sunshine to be taken at sea and pool during these hours will be enough. Although these periods should not exceed 15 minutes, we recommend a sea bath several times a day.

: - What should be considered while sunbathing?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Pregnant women should not forget that the sun should not go out between 11-17 hours. The possibility of sunspot formation is high in pregnant women for hormonal reasons. So they can take the sun outside these hours, but it should be remembered that it is beneficial not to be sunbathing in the sun. When swimming in the shade and swimming in the sea is enough sun.

: - Which hair removal method should be used during pregnancy? Are there any negative aspects of waxing and depilatory creams?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Waxing has no known side effects. A wide variety of depilatory creams and you need to evaluate knowing the contents of each individually. However, since they all contain chemicals, it is worth noting and not choosing.

: - Are creams used to prevent stretch marks harm the baby?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile No. There are specially sold products in this regard. They should be preferred.

: - Is it safe to fill the tooth during pregnancy?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Yeah. Tooth decay is harmful during this time, when necessary, dental filling is performed. When local anesthesia is required, tooth extraction can be performed. This is not harmful.

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