Why does my baby cry so much?

Why does my baby cry so much?

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Crying is part of life with a new baby. On average, newborns cry for about two hours each day. Although the crying is spread out through the day, all that wailing adds up to more than you probably expected. Between birth and about 6 weeks of age, the amount of crying typically increases to almost three hours each day, no matter what you do! After that, the fussing should eventually decrease to about an hour a day.

As you get more comfortable with your routines and they become more predictable, your baby will probably fuss less often. But you should understand that babies don't have a lot of other ways to communicate, and much of what goes on around them is unfamiliar and therefore upsetting.

Here's one suggestion: If you put your baby in an infant carrier on the floor with her head gently propped up with a small blanket or a diaper on each side, she gets a better view of you and her surroundings. As you move in and out of her field of vision and talk to her, she comes to understand that sometimes Mommy's right in front of me and sometimes she's not, but either way I'm safe.

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