Which tests should be performed during pregnancy?

Which tests should be performed during pregnancy?

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The road to reaching a healthy child is troublesome. Nobody promises mothers a rose garden. But that does not mean that it is up to you to create a healthy pregnancy, easy birth and healthy baby triangle. On the contrary, the tests and controls should not be interrupted.

Pregnancy is a process that begins with the development of a baby in the womb of the woman and ends with the birth. In this process, some laboratory tests are performed. This provides useful information about the course of pregnancy and the mother's condition from the beginning to the birth.
Some of the tests to be performed are performed at certain times of pregnancy. Others are performed where necessary to address problems that may arise or may arise during pregnancy. As a result, these tests are asked according to the age, lifestyle of the pregnant woman and the personal and family stories of herself and her husband.
The first test during pregnancy is performed to determine pregnancy. Fertilization usually occurs in the middle of the period. Pregnancy tests are finalized with the delay of the menstrual period approximately two weeks after fertilization. Blood can be collected in cases of suspected urine.

Routine tests
Although slightly different, the tests to be performed at the initial examination are:

  1. Blood group determination (blood group negative mothers should be monitored for blood incompatibility)
  2. Hemoglobin (blood count) for the detection of anemia (anemia)
  3. Urine sugar and / or protein (for diagnosis of diabetes or pregnancy-related hypertension, preeclampsia during pregnancy)
  4. Investigation of hepatitis B, syphilis and HIV infections that may affect mother and baby
  5. Investigation of immunity to rubella

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