My 7-week-old doesn't smile yet. What's wrong?

My 7-week-old doesn't smile yet. What's wrong?

You're certainly right to think of your baby's smile as a barometer of how she's feeling about herself and the world. But 7 weeks old is too soon to worry if a baby hasn't broken out in a grin yet. The first social smile may appear as early as 6 weeks, but it's unlikely to be a regular feature for quite a while. Generally, babies smile readily by 12 weeks, and by 6 months most smile ecstatically at the people they know best.

In the highly unlikely event that your baby doesn't smile by 3 months old, consult your baby's doctor to see whether there's a biological reason. Most babies this age — unless they're ill or overtired — will flash grins, especially in familiar settings with people and toys they know.

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