Your 3 3/4-year-old: Name recognition

Your 3 3/4-year-old: Name recognition

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Your 3-year-old now

Your child may or may not know how to write his name. But you can prime the pump by letting him see his name in lots of places. Often 3-year-olds recognize the letters (or just the first letter) of their name. They can't yet "read," but this kind of symbol recognition is a key pre-reading skill.

Objects around the house decorated with your child's name give him a thrill every time he "reads" them. You can buy puzzles with the letters of his name, for example, or put a nameplate on his door. These things also give him a sense of ownership and individuality.

Ask him to find things in the environment with his letter. Tad can find trees, trucks, and trains and Sarah can find socks, signs, and scissors.

Your life now

Your child is probably constantly amazing you with his new abilities to work puzzles and identify shapes and colors. This is a year of great strides in working with academic building blocks. But what if you feel your preschooler is not just bright, but so advanced he's gifted? Should you have his IQ tested?

The answer is that it's too soon to bother. Intelligence tests are not particularly valid before age 5 or so, and there's not much that you could do with the results anyway. A gifted 3-year-old essentially needs the same kinds of stimulation and enrichment that his peers do: new experiences, free play, exposure to lots of language, and a wide variety of stuff to play with.

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