The best outdoor warm-weather toys for kids

The best outdoor warm-weather toys for kids

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As the weather warms up after a long winter spent indoors, it's time for some fun in the sun. And even if you can't get out to a water park or the beach, you can have a great time on the long, sunny afternoons right in your backyard. These toys will keep the youngest members of your crowd entertained, and may even draw in the most blasé of tweens.

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  • SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad

    Hook it up to your backyard hose and water sprays evenly and continuously while kids sit on the pad, jump up and down, run through the water, and invent a million other soggy games. Water collects a few inches deep in the center of the pad, so you can sit in it and keep cool, learn through play, or float little water toys. It’s a whole lot of entertainment for less than the cost of taking your family to the movies once.

    Available at Amazon starting at $26.99

  • Little Tikes Big Waffle Blocks

    You might think that something as simple as giant waffle blocks would not be so exciting, but you would be wrong – our family, with five kids ages 9 months to 12 years, has owned these blocks for years, and they are played with constantly. The 18-piece set is great for building forts outside, creating makeshift tunnels in the sandbox, serving as hopscotch markers, or just piling high to topple over, you know, just for fun.

    Available at Amazon starting at $74.99

  • Step2 Push Around Buggy Ride

    Call it laziness or call it ingenuity, but this buggy ride for babies and toddlers with a long handle makes pushing your little one around so much easier. You can use this toy to "park" your baby or toddler near you as you hang outside or push during a summer stroll. It holds riders from 18 months and up to 50 pounds, so you can use it for years.

    Available at Walmart starting at $54.99

  • Banzai Triple Racer

    Water slides get polarizing reviews online – one family’s great day in the sun is another family’s frustrating experience, so take that into account when you’re considering your purchase. But Banzai’s slide is beloved and inexpensive enough to get our nod. Just unroll it, hook it up to your garden hose, and three kids 5-12 can race, slide, and splash.

    Available at Amazon starting at $42.99

  • Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

    This stroller wagon holds up to 120 pounds, can be adapted to safely hold an infant car seat, and is designed for two kids, with double canopies and snack trays. It's a must for warm-weather months, when you'll want to take it to the beach (where you will somehow carry more sand toys, towels, snacks, and umbrellas than you ever thought possible) and have a cool and comfy place for your kids during outings. Our favorite feature? Even big kids can ride along and spend time close to Mom and Dad, all under shade.

    Available at Walmart starting at $299

  • BOUNTECH Inflatable Bounce House

    If you're ready to spend the big bucks on wet-and-wild fun for your kiddos, look no further than this ultimate water pad. It has not one, but two waterslides, a splash pool, sprinklers, and its own mountain climbing wall: Kids can race to climb up the middle and be the first to zip down a slide. It's a great toy for kids ages 5 to 10, and it will hold up to four kids or 350 pounds at once.

    Available at Amazon starting at $720

  • Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler

    On the flip side, if you want a more economical toy, you just can’t go wrong with a basic water sprinkler. Having gone through about 10,000 of the “fun” inflatable water sprinklers with my own kids, I can pretty much guarantee you that you’re better off just buying a cheap, basic water sprinkler, because they will have just as much fun with it, and you can water your lawn too. Win-win.

    Available at Amazon starting at $14.99

  • Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

    Plain and simple, this inexpensive little pool is easy to set up, easy to inflate, easy to empty when you’re done with your backyard frolicking, and just the right size for a few little kids to cool off, or one adult and small child. Or, for that matter, a dog – a lot of the reviewers online said they got it for their panting summer dogs.

    Available at Amazon starting at $34.99

  • Rockin' 2-in-1 Adjustable Hammock

    It’s a hammock! It’s a rocker! It’s…both, actually. This 2-in-1 adjustable seat doubles as a hammock for some classic cloud-watching, or transforms with a rock and glide feature for hours of fun. The hammock will hold up to 300 pounds, and is made of hearty mesh for added durability.

    Available at Target starting at $283.99

  • Razor Crazy Cart Shift

    Give bigger kids the thrill of a go-cart with none of the danger. This cart features two speeds, one for beginner drivers, and one for more advanced drivers, so you can choose the starting point you feel most comfortable with. Riders up to 120 pounds can enjoy racing with this crazy cart that suddenly doesn’t seem so crazy after all, does it?

    Available at Amazon starting at $199

  • Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water Table

    Water tables are a natural for outdoor play, and this Little Tikes version has some simply mesmerizing features that will make toddlers and preschoolers fall instantly in love. Players can pour water over the skull island to turn it into a waterfall; the Wavemaker wheel on one side spins to create waves; comes with island-themed characters. Several small kids can play at once without fighting – how many toys can you say that about?

    Available at Amazon starting at $69.99

  • Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N' Spin

    If you have kids, you need this swing in your life. Our world was forever changed when my kids received this swing as a Christmas present. This bad boy can hold up to 600 pounds, endures pretty much anything your kids can think up (my kids’ brains = let’s twist the swing as far as it goes, yay!), can be affixed to a swing set or tree, and is perfect for kids (or adults!) age 5 and up.

    Available at Amazon starting at $75.99

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