7 Halloween baby costumes for under $25

7 Halloween baby costumes for under $25

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  • Halloween is so much fun when you have little ones. But it can also be a challenge: Who wants to spend a lot of money on a costume for a baby when you know they'll only wear it once? We're here to help! Here are seven baby costumes that cost less than $25.

  • Skeleton

    This costume is simple, with no fussy accessories you'll need to cajole your your baby to wear. It's just a one-zip pajama set and a hat to keep him warm. And it's adorable and affordable.

    My First Halloween Black Skeleton Costume

  • Fluffy bunny

    This is a great costume for those of us who have been known to send kids trick-or-treating in snow jackets – nice and snuggly and warm, with a hood!

    Flannel Romper Animal Onesie Costume

  • Mummy

    So many jokes here about babies and their mummies. ... This is another simple, lightweight costume for babies who'll be in warmer environments for the Halloween festivities. It's easy, amusing, and under $15 for the set.

    My First Halloween mummy bodysuit, pants, and hat

  • Unicorn

    You're never too little to jump on the unicorn trend! This is a great costume for layering – it comes with an undershirt and tights for colder climates.

    Carter's Halloween unicorn costume

  • Strawberry

    I'm all about costumes that come with hats or hoods to help keep those tiny heads warm, and this one is just charming. This would be an easy costume to work into a family theme – dress as a gardener with a sun hat and garden gloves to accompany your freshly picked strawberry. If you have several kids, it'll be pretty easy to find different fruit or vegetable costumes – you could have a whole fruit salad.

    UNIQUEONE Halloween Cute Strawberry Print Fancy Costume

  • Monkey

    Why yes – this insanely adorable monkey does come with his own banana, and thank you for asking. This costume comes with the furry jumpsuit (with attached booties), a matching hood, and a banana wrist rattle.

    Infant Sized Monkey Around Costume

  • Teddy Bear

    The ears! The paws! The bow tie! Oh, my. This set comes with a jumpsuit and separate hood, along with a rainbow blanket for your little bear.

    Oatmeal Bear Jumpsuit Costume

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