Pregnancy tests

Pregnancy tests

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Pregnancy after menstruation can be determined. HCG (human chorion gonodatropine) made by the placenta developed during early pregnancy is found in the mother's blood and urine. Pregnancy tests are based on the determination of this hormone.

Pregnancy tests at home
You can design most home pregnancy test equipment at the pharmacy without a prescription. If you have enough HCG in your body, the chemicals in the test equipment will react with HCG in your urine. Tests show the presence of HCG in different ways. Some form a ring in the liquid and some change color. Very wrong results can easily be achieved if they are not used properly. Therefore, it is very important to follow all rules carefully. Pregnancy tests at home are largely accurate, but they are not 100%. If you feel that you have had a negative result in a home test, you should immediately contact your doctor immediately. Your doctor will give you more reliable tests.

Urine test in laboratory
Just like the home test, the HCG in the urine is detected with an accuracy of close to 100% and as soon as 7-10 days after conception.

Blood test
This test is performed with 100% accuracy and gives positive results in the first week after conception. In this test, the increase in serum or blood HCG hormone level is detected. This test, which is performed only in the laboratory, gives the most accurate results. It also helps to determine the duration of pregnancy. In some cases (when early detection is required), you will see a pregnancy that is not seen with a urine test.

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