Being a Perfectionist Mother

Being a Perfectionist Mother

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Although we first met him as the wife of goalkeeper Rüştü Reçber, Işıl Reçber is a name that often makes his name known with his social responsibility projects and eye-catching style. We listened to her mother's adventures, her social responsibility projects and her style secrets.

You became a mother at a very young age, were you ready to be a mother?
I've been a madman for as long as I can remember. I have an unbelievable motherly side Yes, I married early, but I married the man I love. I wanted to love and raise my own baby… So I was absolutely ready for motherhood. I took on very serious responsibilities at a very young age, I grew up with my daughter. Now I'm experiencing the pros.

Have you had any difficulties?
When my daughter Tuvana was born, she was a very sensitive child, with almost no sleep patterns. We used to sit with Rustu until morning. Rustu was so upset that he would take Tuvana in her arms and fall asleep in a rocking chair. There were times when I thought, "What am I going to do?" Of course it was because I was inexperienced. But I have seen that all of this is a process hepsi After a certain time, all of them go away. I was worried again when I was pregnant with my son, but I was more experienced and I could easily handle everything.

Did you want to have a daughter or a son?
I wanted to have a daughter; I dress her, decorate her, I was thinking of combing her hair. But since it was the first child, it didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl. I feel lucky to have both my daughter and my son right now.

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?
I gained 12 pounds in my first pregnancy. When I was 1.80, my pregnancy was not very clear. I wore all my clothes before my pregnancy. When I was nine months pregnant, they thought I was four months old. I also gained 17 kilos when I was pregnant with my son, but Memo was born over four pounds. Four months after birth, more than 17 kilograms went away spontaneously. I've gone a lot below the weight I got pregnant. But I don't know if the third is the same!

When do you think of your third child?
Rustu has been wanting for a few years now. Maybe next year olabilir

How did you give birth?
Both have had a caesarean section. One was taking general anesthesia and the other was epidural. But he can say that if I give birth to 40 children, I will give birth to 40 epidural cesarean sections.

So why?
It is very comfortable because… You are also aware of everything because it is numbed down from your waist and they give your baby to your lap as soon as they are born. I can never give birth normally; I'm not that brave and strong. Therefore, I recommend epidural cesarean section to anyone who is afraid of normal birth.

Rustu Bey was born?
Yeah, he came in, he was on my head, and he was very supportive. He spoke to me, helped me get my head, grabbed my hands ...

Did you ever run after them with your plates so the kids could eat?
Never! We eat together at the table and eat at the clock.

Tuvana is now 13 years old nasıl How is your mother-daughter relationship, from time to time there are frictions?
I have never had a problem with Tuvana until today, and I hope that our mother-daughter relationship will continue in this way. Tuvana is my dearest friend Tu The person I enjoy chatting with, shopping and vacationing is Tuvana… My daughter and I share everything with each other. Some of my friends say that they have jealousy with their daughters, but we have never experienced anything like this. Tuvana is a mature, calm and sane child. I feel lucky.

How is your relationship with Mehmet Burak?
Boys and girls are very different from each other tabii Men are much more active and shy people can say that they are bored in the third minute of the conversation. Still trying to play with him as much as I can. We play games and have fun together.

The two brothers are seven years old. How are they?
Normally the older brother is jealous of the younger, but on the contrary, Memo is a more dominant character. He loves collecting all about it. That's why he sometimes pushes his sister. Fortunately, Tuvana is much more mature and knows how to handle her brother nicely.

How did you decide the names of Tuvana and Mehmet Burak?
Rustu wanted the name of Tuvana very much. We don't like classic names as a couple. The meaning of Tuvana; it's the first raindrop falling into heaven. Meaning we also liked it, so we put Tuvana. I've wanted to name Burak since I was a kid if I had a son. The name Mehmet is the name of both me and the father of Rustu. I think it's a beautiful name. So we named our son Mehmet Burak.

What kind of father is Rustu Bey?
A perfect father inanılmaz Incredibly sensitive, caring, responsible to his children… A really good father. For us, our children are more important than anything, the world aside they are. As children grow up, so does their social activities. Rüştü grows in many places that I cannot reach. As parents, we manage the whole program very well.

How did being a parent affect your husband and wife relationship?
Negatively did not affect at all. Sometimes even when the children go to grandmother or grandmother and we are alone with Rüştü at home, we say, olmasa What would we do if we didn't have children? Because the house feels so empty and quiet… We, as husband and wife, enjoy being with our children. After having children as husband and wife, we didn't look at each other just because we were parents. We never forget that we are lovers and wives.

Because you are presenting your style fabricated in Turkey's Vicrtori Beckham. What are your style secrets?
In fact, there is a feminine production, but I am also a rocker too… I think the style of a woman is literally sitting in her late 20s and early 30s. After this time, however, you understand what you want, whether you want it or not. I'm dressed like I came from. I never had the obsession to wear the most fashionable thing.

Interview Müge Serçek Biroğlu - Photo by Merve Ağazat

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