You can have children too!

You can have children too!

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Can anyone have a child with a test tube?

Infertility is defined as infertility or infertility in the society. Kiss. Dr. Aytuğ Kolankaya, this problem affects about 10-15 percent of couples in the reproductive age, he says. In addition, Kolankaya states that in vitro couples can be used to obtain healthy babies in couples with diseases such as Mediterranean anemia and sickle cell anemia, which have various genetic problems or are common in our country.

The program is completed in 2 weeks

Aytuğ Kolankaya IVF treatment; gelişim There is no practice that requires a woman to be hospitalized during this treatment period, or she explains, as a process of egg development, egg collection and fertilization, embryo development and embryo transfer. The program is completed in two weeks including genetic procedures. In this period, it is enough for women to come to the hospital on average 6 times and men once. ”

Target to choose the best embryo

Kiss. Dr. Aytuğ Kolankaya, “Our primary goal is to provide all couples who want to have a healthy baby, including many in vitro fertilization, who have not been pregnant, who have recurrent miscarriages or severe male infertility.” Stating that they are preparing highly developed IVF laboratories in Liv Hospital, Op. Dr. Ank The devices in our laboratories consist of advanced instruments arranged very close to the body environment. In more detail, we have provided mechanisms whereby sperm selections can be followed in a more convenient and safe way for embryo cultures. We are able to monitor all these and keep them under control. We are trying to provide high quality embryos and select and transfer the embryos with the best morphological and genetic structure. ”

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