Ready to be spellbound by clear drape c-section photos?

Ready to be spellbound by clear drape c-section photos?

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Cesarean births are often associated with fear. Many moms-to-be, myself included, feel if they need a c-section, they will be robbed of the beautiful birth experience they envisioned.

Doula and photographer Tracy Abney's recently captured birth photos will make you believe c-sections can be beautiful, bonding events. Tracy's client, Allison, who required the procedure due to a problem with her placenta, enjoyed a clear drape c-section and got to see her baby enter the world.

"I loved being able to watch my clients as THEY were able to watch their baby being born," Tracy told BabyCenter. "They participated in the birth, and were able to witness the moment their son took his first breath. It was such a sweet experience and such a beautiful birth."

Mama was also able to relish skin-to-skin contact with her son right away.

Tracy wanted a better c-section experience for Allison than she was able to have with her first child 13 years ago. "All of the things that were hard for me during my birth can be different through family-centered cesareans," she explained to us, adding, "I love being able to help a mother navigate these options so she feels like she is an active participant in her birth."

Usually for these births, doulas advocate for using a clear drape during the procedure and letting the mama hold her baby right away, instead of her being the last one in the room to see him.

I'll admit that as my due date nears, seeing these empowering cesarean photos takes away some of the fear of potentially having to get a c-section. Because truthfully, how many of these births do we even see?

Many birth photographs show vaginal birth, which of course is beautiful, too. But thank you to Allison and Tracy for sharing these images. They prove that no matter what kind of birth you end up having, it can involve some of the elements you would never want to give up, such as seeing your baby right away, and bonding with that sweet little soul that's been kicking you for all those months!

Photos used with permission. Find Tracy on Facebook.

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