7 signs that labor is on the way

7 signs that labor is on the way

I’m a few days from my due date and I know it. Just in case I wasn’t aware of the painful jabs and kicks because the little miss has no more room, she is sweet enough to provide a few other gentle reminders.

Are you there too? Here are things I recommend checking for:

1) Nothing fits. Aren’t those last few weeks of pregnancy fun? I have maybe two pair of pants that still fit and am down to maybe one or two t-shirts that actually cover the entirety of my ginormous belly. And shoes? Forget it.

2) Neck creep. If you’ve had a baby, you know what I mean. It’s when the water retention gets so bad that your neck creeps up on your chin and pictures of you are no longer an option. I spoke at a conference last weekend and after looking at the photos, yes, I’m totally there.

3) Constant cankles. Speaking of swelling, this is a sure sign that you are just weeks (days? please?) away from labor. You can get cankles at any time for standing too much, but the closer you are to the big day, the longer they stick around.

4) Waning patience. In my opinion (and I guess I should double check with my husband) I’m a pretty decent pregnant person. But these last few weeks - whoa doggy - I am impatient, cranky and tired! It’s time to kick back and ice those cankles. Bless my family for dealing with me.

5) Nesting. I am NOT a neat freak, but all of a sudden, I want everything organized, neat, tidy and where it’s supposed to be. Too bad the Braxton Hicks and downright discomfort are getting in the way of that.

6) Elmers Glue Booty Syndrome. Every time you sit down, it takes an hour to get up … as if someone has super glued your rear end to the couch, floor, chair, bed etc. Syndrome is typically accompanied by moans and groans.

7) Stranger commentary. The last few weeks of pregnancy bring out the winners. “OMG, haven’t you had that baby yet?” (umm, no.) “You must be SOOOO uncomfortable.” (well yes actually, thanks for reminding me.) My favorite was the random lady at Starbucks who advised that I should rush home and have sex right away to get labor moving. She assured me that she and her husband had LOTS of sex and just two days later, BAM! (I really appreciated her oversharing. The mental image gave me the heebie jeebies.)

Good luck to everyone out there who is almost there!! We can do it!

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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