Want successful kids? Have them in January

Want successful kids? Have them in January

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According to Malcolm Gladwell's book, Outliers, people born in January, February, March, and April have an advantage over those born later in the year. Canada's junior hockey structure, groups boys by age. Boys born in January can be competing against boys born the same year but many months later. And so the January-born boys are more successful, because they are naturally a bit faster, stronger, taller than those born in the fall.

Freakonomics explored the topic as well, pointing out disadvantages that summer babies have, including "that children born in summer months generally score lower on standardized tests and are seen as 'underachievers'".

I have a son born in February and a daughter born in August. They both made the cut-off for their grades so started kindergarten at age 5, though my daughter was only about nine days into being 5 when she started. I can attest first-hand that my son tends to be among the tallest kids in his class, and my daughter among the shortest. He's more of a leader among his peers, while she's a bit more quiet (even if very much a bossy older sister at home!).

Is this genetics? Or birth month? I suppose there is no real way of telling, but some moms in our community think about aiming for - or avoiding - a particular birth month.

One mom says "Anyway, my husband desperately wants a fall baby "so they'll have a leg up on sports teams" because June babies are the youngest in their class, he seriously does not want a baby at that time of year only Fall."

Another mom adds " I have been thinking about that. If I conceive this cycle my Due date would be Aug 30... Baby would be the oldest or youngest in the class. A few challenge either way. "

Of course what everyone really wants is a healthy baby - that's priority #1. But after that, perhaps timing conception makes sense. Would you aim for a spring baby to give him or her a better chance at life?

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