Mirror, mirror strapped to the wall...

Mirror, mirror strapped to the wall...

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Now that Clara is a crawling fanatic, it has put some fire under us to continue our adventures in babyproofing. First on our list was this death trap:

This is the leaning West Elm mirror that I surprised Sherry with as a wedding present back in 2007 (she first used it to glance at herself before walking out the back door and getting hitched in our back yard). So it's obviously meaningful to us, but also dangerous for a 10 month old who's very into pulling up on things lately. One strong push in the wrong spot and that heavy sucker could topple over. We tried to DIY some anchors, screws, and brackets from Home Depot for a quick solution a while back, but it just didn't feel as secure as a system that was specifically devoted to jobs like this, so we moved on.

Which is where these babies came in handy:

It's a set of Mommy's Helper No Tip Furniture Safety Brackets. We were fortunate enough to inherit this set from my sister (who had it leftover from babyproofing her house last year). But if we hadn't, a bracket kit for two pieces of furniture is only $8 so it's not too much of a splurge. As you can see, the leftovers that we inherited are basically four coordinating brackets (two are for the wall, while two are attached to your mirror / bookshelf / other tall furniture piece) and two heavy duty zip ties to strap them together.

It took me about 15 minutes total to get 'er done. First I attached two brackets to the back of the mirror (they recommend two straps per furniture piece)...

Then I screwed the other two brackets into matching spots on our wall (I used anchors for extra security)...

And lastly I threaded the zip ties through each coordinating bracket before pulling them tightly together.

Just like that we could rest easy knowing that our chunky mirror wouldn't be coming down anytime soon.

Right now this is the only tall furniture piece that requires anti-tip measures in our house (although later we might anchor the TV, which Clara is still much too small to reach), and an amazing advantage of our one-level ranch has been not having to worry about stair blocking baby gates. But it doesn't mean our child safety measures are complete. We know we could go all out from the start (cabinet, drawer, and toilet lid locks come to mind) but we're planning to go with the flow a bit – keeping a close eye on Clara to see what she takes an interest in. For instance, she spends lots of time on the kitchen floor lately but has yet to try to open a cabinet. Meanwhile, we've already caught her making a beeline for an outlet at least five times (glad we got those covered – though the picture above made me realize that two were missing).

What child safety measures have you guys taken that have proven invaluable – or even truly life saving? Or did you take any that in retrospect seemed like overkill? Every child is definitely different, but we'd love to hear from those who've already been through it.

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