A surprising pregnancy side effect, a toothache!

A surprising pregnancy side effect, a toothache!

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I've dealt with some pretty strange pregnancy side effects, but when I woke up recently with throbbing tooth pain, it was a new one on me.

My initial thought was that the toothache was caused by sleeping in a weird position. It reminded me of the time I needed a root canal. My head ached and it became difficult to chew.

My doctor did mention that there was a good chance that the baby could be absorbing calcium from me, so I decided to increase my intake. I also scheduled an appointment to see my dentist. There was no way I could carry on with this pain.

The result of my x-ray didn't reveal a cavity or damaged nerve at all.

"Do you have allergies?" the dentist asked.

"Yes, I've been dealing with allergies and sinus infections throughout most of my pregnancy," I responded.

He then explained and demonstrated how built up mucus from my sinuses had been adding pressure to my gums, which caused my toothache.

"Your teeth are great! It's your sinuses that are causing the problem," he said.

My ob-gyn says many pregnant women suffer from sinusitis. I then had one of those aha moments. I’ve been dealing with sinus issues for the last three months and had no idea that it could affect my gums.

I had received a prescription for medication from my ob-gyn a while ago, but decided to allow the infection to clear up on its own. I'm not a big fan of taking drugs, especially during pregnancy. However, rather than let this problem go on, I plan on filling it to clear up my sinuses once and for all.

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