When Should I Become a Mother?

When Should I Become a Mother?

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Motherhood is a feeling that every woman wants to taste. But the busy work life and the rapid increase in the responsibilities of women bring about being an older mother. What's the right time for motherhood? What are the benefits or harms of being a late mother? You will find the answer to these questions in our article…

A woman should first decide exactly whether she wants to have a baby. The biological clock works and as time goes on, the ticking of the clock increases. Decision making can be difficult not only emotionally, but also health. Increasing risks and genetic factors as age progresses, whether birth will be difficult, and the fear of “What if I am not a mother at all bekleyen.

Nowadays, we see that being an older mother is becoming more common. Especially many famous names prefer to be a mother at a late age. Patricia Hodge became a 42-year-old mother and Madonna gave birth to a 40-year-old daughter. Their busy stage life prevented them from becoming young mothers. When we read the interviews of these people, we see that none of them complain about the situation and that it is more advantageous to be a mature age mother. So far, many studies have been conducted between early mothers and advanced mothers to compare these two conditions; Studies have shown that many women prefer to be a mother at a late age in today 's changing conditions.

Don't be desperate

If the positive aspects of being a mother at a late age are considered, the situation is not as bad as it seems. It was observed that these mothers breastfed their babies more easily and consciously in a year after birth. In addition, it was revealed that mothers did not have much complaints about their appearance during pregnancy and that they could accept their pregnant bodies more easily. According to a study between young mothers and older mothers, there is no difference between postpartum emotional depression and feeling well. Mothers in both groups were equally resistant to these difficult postnatal feelings. As for the type of delivery, there is no problem whether cesarean or normal delivery and there is no difference in pain. What are the risks of late motherhood? The greatest consideration of most women who decide to become a mother at a late age is the fear that genetic risks will increase. It is true that genetic risks will increase in older pregnancies, but there is no increase in the risks that may occur at every birth. The risk of abnormality is seen as 1 in 2000 in the 20s, 1 in 365 in the 35 years and 1 in the 40s. As a result, a 40-year-old mother has a 1 percent risk of having a child with Down syndrome. As can be seen from this situation, the probability of a child being born healthy is 99 percent and this is not a small number at all. Research also shows that women in their 30s being stronger both socially and psychologically can lead their lives in a safer and more conscious way after having a baby. In addition, women of this age have more confidence in themselves and can decide to have a baby more easily.

Late mothers live longer?

Mı Does being a late mother prolong life bir a a group of students from the Harvard School of Health did a research on women born in the same year. According to this study, it was found that women who gave birth in their 40s lived longer than those who gave birth at an earlier age. The explanation of this is as follows; Women in their 40s are menopausal at a later age and may have a chance to live longer. Since these women work on the estrogen hormone, they are more resistant to age-related diseases and heart problems.

This situation remains controversial. Another topic discussed about being an early and late age mother is that young mothers are more active and energetic. Young mothers say that they can easily share many physical activities with their children and that they can tolerate the fatigue of raising children more easily. As a result, regardless of circumstances and age, it is important that the woman feels ready for this responsibility and wants to experience the feeling of motherhood.

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

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