What are the ways to avoid stress during pregnancy?

What are the ways to avoid stress during pregnancy?

Pregnant mother who had a major change in pregnancy; In this process, it is observed that there are negative emotions as well as good emotions. The causes of these negative emotions can be changing hormones, personality traits and some environmental factors. Psychologist Eda Gökduman talks about ways to reduce stress during pregnancy.

The prospective mother may be concerned about whether she is sufficiently prepared to be a anne good mother en while experiencing the happiness of having a baby from day one. “Will I be able to take good care of my baby? Will I be able to raise my baby in a healthy way? Düşün as a stress factor. During this period, the expectant mother can get enough support from her husband and she can relax by sharing these concerns with her husband. Suppression and postponement of these feelings may have more negative effects in the later weeks of pregnancy. In order to be ready to become a mother, she can read publications on motherhood - baby care - baby psychology and contact psychologists and pediatricians. In this way, she will have more confidence in motherhood about herself every week.

There are also mothers who have difficulty in adapting to their changing body during pregnancy. Swelling at hand, nausea, growing abdomen and weight gain can spoil morale. To have a baby and to accept a body that will not be the same. Mothers who experience these two opposite feelings can experience stress.

Stress; pregnancy is a very risky situation. Because the stressful factors have negative effects on the physical and mental development of the baby. Some studies have shown that high levels of stress increase the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight infants. It is important to get enough nutrients to accept the healthy weight of the baby and to be able to accept the resulting weight. Practicing activities such as walking, swimming etc. recommended by her doctor and being able to continue social life without closing herself at home is an important factor in reducing the stress level that can be experienced in this process. The prospective mother; he should be able to accept the idea that his wife will love and like him with his new body.

Irritation and crying attacks may occur due to hormonal changes and environmental factors. Depression and anxiety are common in this period. In particular, these symptoms can be observed more in the mothers who have family conflicts working during pregnancy. Many marriages suffer great wounds in this process. For this reason, the spouse should be able to be understanding, regardless of the reason, and the expectant mother should try to control her anger with relaxation techniques. During this period, the mother who can allocate time for herself, can control her negative thoughts, exercise regularly as recommended by her doctor and enjoy being pregnant can get away from stress more easily and overcome the problems.

The stress level of the expectant mother who has a risky pregnancy process is quite high. Since it is very difficult to control other negative emotions such as anger, environmental support and understanding is very important in this period. Any factors that may increase tension should be controlled by their relatives and a psychologist should apply for support.

Concerns about the baby's health persist during pregnancy. It is quite natural that these thoughts are at a certain level. Continuity of these thoughts during the day, increasing and continuing to affect the social life negatively, increases the level of stress and damages the pregnancy process. In this case, the expectant mother should distract herself from her body and create other things to take care of in order to control the stress level. For example; organize social meetings where he can enjoy, and walks with music.

Recommendations for Pregnant Mothers

- He / she should share his / her feelings and thoughts with his / her doctor and obtain the necessary information.

- Like every woman who is a mother, she must accept that she can learn motherhood by living and informed.

- Share their feelings, desires and expectations with their spouse and relatives in order to provide environmental support.

- Pregnant mother by eating healthy, sleeping and resting at a sufficient level of stress can better control.

- Spend time with him, try to stay away from the person or events that will upset him. Mothers with some personality traits can create stressful environments themselves, even if they are unconscious.

- Use relaxation techniques. (breathing and muscle relaxation exercises)

- Do the exercises recommended by his doctor regularly.

- During the day by staying alone with the baby to make speeches that expresses love.

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