Guide to Firsts: Handling unwanted parenting advice

Guide to Firsts: Handling unwanted parenting advice

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Don't know what to do with unwelcome parenting advice? Discover the best ways to handle it, including what to say and when you should listen.

Don't take it personally

Just about every parent has to deal with unsolicited tips at some point.

Trust your instincts

Everyone has different approaches to parenting, but nobody knows your baby and family the way you do.

Have a ready response

This could be a simple nod and smile – or a cool and collected reply like, "Thanks, I'll consider that."

Consider the source

Ignoring a stranger is one thing, but more tact and effort may be necessary when dealing with a friend or relative.

Be willing to listen

It's natural to be defensive about your parenting, but every once in a while that unsolicited advice may help!

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Guide to Firsts: Handling unwanted parenting advice

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