Hammm Baby Bread Released!

Hammm Baby Bread Released!

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Babies should only be breastfed during the first 6 months of life. From the sixth month onwards, your baby should be supported with additional nutrients as well as breast milk. These nutrients "complementary nutrition", "transition to supplementary food" or "supplementary nutrition"also called.

Although the basic food of the baby is kadar breast milk kadar until the age of one year, an effective complementary nutrition should be provided with foods with high nutritional value and bioavailability.

The newest member of the Hammm family is here!

Prepared with all natural ingredients, Hammm Baby Bread does not contain thickener, sugar, coloring, preservatives, sweeteners, food additives, emulsifiers and stabilizers.

Hammm Baby Bread, which is very rich in energy and nutrients, can be given to your baby with peace of mind. Including carob molasses Thanks to this, it helps to meet some of your baby's iron requirement.

Carob flour in its formula supports the digestive system of our babies and calcium the content bone development contributes.

Hammm Baby Bread, which is rich in cereals, is the building block of nutrition. natural wheat flour and whole grain flour It maintains. Thus, Hammm Baby Bread is responsible for energy metabolism, and insufficiency causes nervous and digestive system disorders. B1 (thiamine) is the main source of vitamin.

Our babies who continue to grow and develop with nutrient intake other than breast milk use fats as energy source. Olive oil used in making Hammm Baby Bread; Rich in oleic acid content, effective in growth and development brain development role play. With anti-inflammatory effect protects your baby against external factors.

Hammm Baby Bread is formulated by experts, cooked in the most accurate way with low heat and long term baking, packed with the right packaging technique without using preservatives and additives, blended with parental love, is a reliable and hygienic supplement with the freshness of the first day.

Your baby will love this bread! Click on the link below for easy access to this delicious and nutritious bread.

Hammm Baby Bread: //www.e- / hammm-baby-bread-100-gr-p-ham-6212 /

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