Baby me Nipple Cream Released!

Baby me Nipple Cream Released!

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Nipple Creams

Breastfeeding is a long and demanding process…

Continuity is very important in breastfeeding gibi Maintenance, care products and all products that support breastfeeding are very important as continuity is possible!

Here is a product that supports breast milk and breastfeeding, where even 1 drop is more than 1000 benefits: baby me Nipple Cream…

Baby me Nipple Cream

  • The product protects the nipples by moisturizing,
  • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin,
  • 100% natural,
  • It does not contain additives, preservatives or chamomile, nuts and vitamin E which may cause allergies in the baby.
  • It does not need to be wiped before breastfeeding.

Baby Me's Breast Cream, which is an ebebek brand, is sold only in ebebek stores, e and ebebek mobile app like the other baby me products.
Click here for 30 ml baby me Nipple Cream://www.e- / baby-me-gogus-tip-cream-30-ml-p-bae1 /Click for 10 ml baby me Nipple Cream://www.e- / baby-me-gogus-tip-cream-10-ml-p-bae2 /
Is there any way to prevent nipple cracks that mothers will never want to encounter while breastfeeding? How does it go?

How Do Nipple Stretch Marks Pass?

Nipple cracks usually occur when your baby suckles only by nipple. Things to do to avoid Breast Stretch Marks:

  • You should position the baby correctly during breastfeeding.
  • Your baby should be facing the chest.
  • The wide part around the lower nipple should be covered with your baby's mouth.
  • The baby's tongue should be under the breast.
  • You should not wash your breast too often, washing it frequently will dry your breast.
  • You should choose a bra that suits your body, you should eliminate the possibility of friction.
  • When you are finished breastfeeding, you can take a few drops of your milk and apply it to your breast, so that you can moisten your breast.

Products such as nipple shield and nipple cream will help you to prevent nipple cracks and improve nipple cracks.

The nipple shields will prevent friction and ensure the quick healing of your nipple thanks to their breathing structures.

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields Those who want to explore can click on the links below:

philips-avent-scf15702-gogus-shield-2-li-p-pav-757 /

//www.e- / chicco-gogus-shield-p-chi-0225800 /

Milk Pumps

Here are the milk pumps you need to milk your breast and relax your breast:

//www.e- / sut-pump-c3789 /

If you're wondering “How to Improve Stretch Marks? Siniz you can watch this video:

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