Is your partner ready to be a father?

Is your partner ready to be a father?

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Couples who love their lives together love each other and dream of being a happy and extended family. And one day, when you have children, sense of motherhood and fatherhood they want to taste.

When conditions mature, you begin planning pregnancy when you believe that you can be sufficient for your child in every aspect, both financially and morally. By nature, women may adapt more easily to the idea of ​​giving birth to a baby, while in men the situation may differ slightly.

Sometimes spouses do not look at this idea very warmly and sometimes they can be quite enthusiastic. But no matter how he looks, is your partner ready to be a father? Would he be the ideal father for your baby?

Sense of Paternity in Men

When a baby is born, the first person to accept this situation is the mother. Because with the onset of pregnancy hormone levels in the female body change and both physically and spiritually mother is starting to prepare the candidate.

At this stage, men may be completely alien to the event. Maternal instinct, love and devotion to the baby begin long before the birth of the woman, but only after birth, spouses meet these feelings.

In some cases there may be situations where men cannot feel like a father even after the baby is born. The main reason for the formation of this situation is that a similar bond between the child and the father established during pregnancy with the mother can only be established over time.

In short, the sense of fatherhood for men is a feeling that develops and settles after the baby is born. Therefore, your partner may not feel ready at the same time as you.

The real problem of couples who want a baby: 'Is my wife ready?'

You think it's time to have children, but there's a question that never goes out of your mind: 'My partner is he ready to be a father?'

This question may lead to a postponement of your pregnancy or a concern for your current pregnancy.

Many reasons, such as your husband's discovery of parental feelings late, not being fully involved in events until the moment of birth, and life expectancy, may cause him / her not to see himself / herself ready for these responsibilities. But when certain conditions mature, the moment you expect will come.

When Do Men Feel Ready to Be a Father?

If you have a child, you must be responsible for many issues related to the upbringing of your child. Maintenance, development and training important issues such as making the necessary preparations for the future or planning the future will be the biggest tasks of the parents and often lead to radical changes in the life of the couples.

In other words, the upbringing of an individual in every sense requires serious responsibility and dedication. It is therefore important that the spouses are ready to take on these responsibilities.

In most cases, men mature much later than women. While the woman can act with the rootstock spirit even at a young age, the idea that man's freedom can be restricted This may cause the desire to escape some responsibilities by feeling pressure.

So when are men ready to be a father?

When it has the conditions sufficient for its children in financial matters;

The first thing your partner thinks about a baby is the idea of ​​being able to meet her needs. As one of the livelihoods of the household, we also consider the possibility of emergency planning and to present the best conditions to the new mini-family, it makes your partner feel at least financially comfortable.

A man who has the potential to cope more easily with increasing expenses is more ready to have children.

When there is no concern for freedom;

Dating with friends on certain days of the week, match plans on weekends, in short, the idea and willingness to move freely can negatively affect your partner's perspective on fatherhood.

Freedom of concern, in fact, responsibility is a sense of fear. When he learns to balance the two, he will be ready to become a parent.

When he is not worried about his career, he puts his business life in order;

Imagine that your husband is having problems in business and is worried about the future. In this case, the priority and purpose in life will be career rather than father.

Your husband, who has set his business life in a certain order and has no worries about his future plans and goals, will be much closer to the idea of ​​a child.

When you can manage your own life;

Male; will be able to face all kinds of problems in life, find solutions, be able to be better prepared for everything a baby can bring when good and bad can lead their life with their own decisions.

When the communication between the spouses is fully ensured;

Couples who have achieved a certain harmony and frequency in their marriage will be more determined to become parents.

So much so that a woman expects full support and understanding from her husband during and after pregnancy.

In the period of getting used to paternity, your husband can expect understanding and support in the same way. A man who believes that having a child will not have a negative effect on the relationship between spouses, that their relationship will continue as before and that he can see the support sought, will feel much more ready to be a father.

What are the signs that your partner is ready to become a father?

Sometimes when you want to have a baby, you may be reluctant to say what you want your partner to say instead of talking about it. state and behavior you want to solve.

Your Spouse,

  • If you perceive a positive difference in your perspective and behavior towards babies or children,
  • If you observe that your relatives cannot get enough to love their babies,
  • If her complaints about her age are increased,
  • If the plans for traveling, dusting, and excited are now replaced by more calm future plans,
  • If the impulsive movements are replaced by behaviors that are more mature and moderate.
  • If you see that you are starting to make new arrangements in the house,
  • If the ability to find solutions to problems has increased,
  • If baby clothes and things are more cute to you,
  • If the sense of responsibility has developed and is confident, it may be time to become a father.

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What can you do for your spouse who cannot feel the feeling of paternity?

  • Ask him for help in caring for the baby and even share some tasks to make him part of the job.
  • Act together on many things related to the baby. Hospital controls, baby shopping and so on.
  • Offer to attend courses with you during pregnancy.
  • Read books on child development together during your pregnancy.
  • Encourage them to spend time together.

Is your husband ready to be a father?, maybe you will never understand it without children. But when you help establish that warm bond between your baby and your partner, this feeling will begin to flourish in his heart, and your child will become the most important asset in his life.

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