Is Overweight Cause of Infertility?

Is Overweight Cause of Infertility?

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Some of the couples who have decided to have a baby and try to get pregnant may face some problems in this process. Pregnancy may not always be possible due to biological or environmental factors. The primary factor that causes this is due to various reasons in people who fail to conceive naturally. fertility problem.

There are many different reasons for the increasing infertility problem. Male sperm structure and quality, the ovaries of the woman diseases or smoking, alcohol, stress other factors such as infertility.

One of the most important questions in mind at this stage 'Does excess weight make infertility? ' It is the question.

Considering the serious problems caused by excessive weight gain on human health, the curiosity of overweight people who want pregnancy increases.

Does obesity prevent you from having a baby? What is the relationship between weight and infertility?

Does Being Overweight Cause Infertility?

Developing due to weight gain obesity disease; Today, women, men, young or old, regardless of whether the common problem is a discomfort.

Obesity directly affecting many systems of the human body heart health, joint health, musculoskeletal system as well as causing problems with organs and breathing problems.

Cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, internal organ lubrication The effect of overweight is very high in diseases such as. Studies show that in addition to all these risks, excess weight poses many risks to the reproductive system of the person.

The main problems observed in the fertility of individuals who have a weight above normal can be listed as follows;

  • The quality of reproductive cells, ie egg and sperm cells, is reduced.
  • There is a decrease in regular ovulation.
  • The risk of infertility increases in these individuals.
  • There is a significant decrease in the expected success rate of infertility treatments.
  • Risk increases in surgical interventions to be performed infertility.
  • The chance of conception decreases in the normal way.
  • The risk of miscarriage increases.

In short, there is a significant relationship between weight and pregnancy. The increase in your body mass index will affect your fertility negatively and make it difficult for you to get pregnant.

Effects of Overweight on Women's Reproductive System

Weight problem is seen as a condition that affects women more and more. This is because the hormonal balance of the female body is more conducive to lubrication.

However, body mass index value directly affects the lives of both men and women.

Effective in fertility of women estrogen hormone, takes part in the production process of egg cells. secretion of estrogen hormone It can distort.

As a result, menstrual irregularities and the possibility of deviations in the ovulation process increase.

Women's 42% of men and 21% of men. Obesity, which is closely related by taking risks, causes the following problems for women who want to have children;

  • Disruption of estrogen hormone balance
  • Increase in testosterone hormone levels with weight gain
  • Immature egg cells
  • Irregularity during ovulation (menstrual irregularity)
  • Reduced likelihood of embryo attachment to mother's womb
  • Reduced chance of getting pregnant naturally
  • Increased risk of miscarriage
  • During pregnancy increased risk of pregnancy diabetes
  • High blood pressure risk during pregnancy
  • Increased risk of developing urinary tract infections during pregnancy
  • Increasing the possibility of overweight and large baby
  • Increased probability of cesarean delivery
  • Prolongation of the birth process
  • Post-natal increased risk of bleeding
  • Post-natal maternal sutures and cervix wound, risk of infection
  • Increased likelihood of having a dead or premature baby
  • Possibility of developmental disorders in infants

It is seen that mothers who are overweight are more likely to encounter such problems in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postnatal periods.

Effects of Overweight on Male Reproductive System

Fatty problem, which affects the reproductive system of men as well as women, has negative consequences in the region around the testes in men.

As a result of the increase in oil ratio in this region;

  • The temperature of the testis area rises above normal decreased sperm production leads.
  • The conversion of testosterone to estrogen increases.
  • There is a decrease in testosterone hormone levels.
  • Sperm cells decline in quality begins to live.
  • The number of sperm present decreases and the chance of fertilizing the egg cells decreases.
  • Impotence and decrease in libido increase.

What Should be the Ideal Weight for Increasing Fertility?

The ideal weight a person should have is a value calculated according to his body mass index. This value is obtained by multiplying the required body mass index by the square of the length in square meters.

In this way, rather than a calculation of your body mass index, improving your quality of lifeYou can also increase your chances of fertility if you maintain a certain form and maintain a fixed rate by maintaining a healthy diet.

The body mass index is obtained by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the square of the length in meters.

The chance of getting pregnant is much higher in individuals with a mass index between 21-29. If the value exceeds 30, you are defined as a fat person and you have less chance.

Should I get pregnant when I am overweight? We recommend that you read our article. Click the link below to access the article.

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How Much Role Plays in Pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers who are worried about obesity and desire to become pregnant are curious about how much weight loss will have on the probability of pregnancy.

Researches, weight problems of mothers who have weight problems 5% to 10% between ovulation and the chance of pregnancy significantly increased.

So if someone who weighs 80 pounds loses at least 4 pounds, they will have a higher chance of getting pregnant.

Likewise, fathers can lose weight around the testicular area and reduce sperm quality and increase the number and quality of sperm.

However, it should not be forgotten at this stage; Excessive weakness, such as excess weight, can adversely affect ovulation by disrupting hormone balance. The place of fat in hormone secretion is very important.

Therefore, couples who want to have a baby should maintain their ideal weight.

Adversity of Obesity in IVF Treatment

Infertility treatment is the most important method. However, the excess weight of the people to be treated has negative consequences on the possibility of success of this method.

  • Obesity reduces the likelihood of an ovarian response to treatment.
  • The process of IVF treatment is prolonged.
  • The likelihood of in vitro fertilization is increased.
  • These individuals require higher doses of treatment.
  • The number of maturing egg cells is much less in overweight people.
  • The embryo is less likely to attach.
  • The risk of miscarriage is higher in pregnancies caused by treatment.
  • The risk of pregnancy complications increases.

If you are planning pregnancy but are having weight problems, 'Does excess weight make infertility? ' question, you can increase your chances of pregnancy by rearranging your diet and maintaining your ideal body weight.

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