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How do I protect my baby from the flu?

How do I protect my baby from the flu?

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With the arrival of winter, diseases and infections come to our door. In fact, summer and winter cold and flu, poses a threat to our immunity.

However, with the cooling of the weather in winter, these diseases spread rapidly and spread quickly because we are more frequently found in closed areas. Infants and young children, in particular, are at the top of the risk group during these months.

Defense mechanisms they become very sick because they are much weaker than adults and cannot protect themselves well.

Influenza has much more effect on small bodies as a disease with severe symptoms and a force to put an adult person into bed.

Therefore, influenza in infants Some precautions should be taken to prevent

What can be done to protect babies from the common cold and how can the cured minors be treated?

Importance of Immune System in Infants in Infants

Immune system, is a defense mechanism that starts to develop in the womb and continues to develop after the birth with the help of breast milk. By fighting against foreign microorganisms that enter or attempt to enter the body. he is in charge of protecting the bodyThis system plays an important role in the fight against influenza.

Therefore, everyone, young or old, should strengthen the immune system. However, your little pup comes to the world before the defense system is fully developed and is therefore affected much faster by environmental factors.

5 nutrients that strengthen the immune system of babies! your baby to keep the defense mechanism strong, strengthen the immune system You can get support from some foods. Click on the link below to learn these nutrients.

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Nasal discharge in infants and influenza symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, are therefore more often experienced. As time goes by, your immune systems start to function as a result of your mini nutrients' healthy nutrition, the benefit of breastmilk sufficiently and the body develops itself by recognizing foreign substances.

During this period, as much as possible to protect children from external factors and to accelerate this development should try to strengthen their immunity.

What is the flu? What are the symptoms?

Before learning how to protect children from influenza and colds, it is necessary to address what is flu and what are its symptoms.

Flu, some kind Caused by RNA virus is a disease. Influenza A known type, is the most common and causing the most severe effects.


  • Runny nose
  • High fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Fatigue, weakness
  • Anorexia.

Infants anorexia, sucking or refusing to suck In the form of manifestations, watery eyes in the eyes and is among the most common symptoms.

It should be noted that this situation is temporary. Our 5 suggestion articles that can increase your baby's appetite can help you in this challenging period. Click the link below.

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What are the ways to protect your baby from colds and flu?

Catching the colds of young children, nutrition and sleep patterns seriously affect.

It will not be possible for an appetite and an insomnia to develop a healthy development. You may even notice that your child has lost weight during illness.

Well, what is good for colds in babies and how can you protect your baby from influenza?

  • If your calf is older than 6 months, flu vaccine you can protect it from viral infections.
  • If family members are ill, you should ensure that they do not get too close to your baby during this time and warn them.
  • When feeding, touching and playing with your pup, you must ensure that your hands are clean.
  • Children often put their hands on their mouths, faces and eyes. Thus microbes quickly penetrate into their bodies. You should wash your miniature hands frequently during the day.
  • You can try to prevent your pup from staying for long periods in crowded and closed environments.
  • You can increase the fresh air by frequently ventilating your child's room. At the same time leaving a room full of water in the room to ensure the moisture balance of dry air, reproduction of microbes and prevent it from passing through your air.
  • With immune-enhancing nutrients can increase body resistance.
Especially iron, selenium and zinc minerals with Vitamin C, A and D rich foods strengthen your immunity. If your baby has not yet started supplementary food and these values ​​are low on his body, you should seek help from his doctor.
  • To increase the body resistance of your tiny pup Taking omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids You must provide. These fatty acids are also very important for your baby's brain and eye health.
  • Children up to 2 years breastfeeding It is very important to pay attention. Breast milk colostrum, strengthening the immune system will protect your offspring from diseases.
  • You should pay attention to your little one's sleep pattern. If he does not get enough sleep, his resistance will decrease and the chance of getting diseases will increase.

How is Influenza Treated in Infants?

As a parent, one of the things you are curious about is your little puppy, 'How does the flu pass in infants?'is the question.

Flu recovery period, is about a week. Contrary to known, there is no cure. However, resting during the healing process is the most important point.

Antibiotic treatment is not applied to the flu.

Instead, preferred antiviral treatments are used to treat viruses. Antiviral treatment is not available to everyone.

If the disease is mild or moderately severe and there is no risk of complications, there is no need to use antiviral drugs. But influenza treatment in infants antiviral drugs are needed to fight viruses.

Because infants under 2 years of age may have a risk of complications and weak immunity the healing time may also take longer than normal.

Treatment of infants with antiviral methods is much faster.

How does nasal discharge and flu pass in infants?

Nasal discharge is one of the most prominent features of influenza. Viruses fill the nasal canals, leading to an increased intranasal outbreak.

This makes it difficult for the baby to breathe and causes discharge. Showing itself with the flu catarrh in infants and discharge, may not just be influenza.

There may also be seasonal and allergic conditions. Therefore, 'How is a runny nose in babies? ' For the answer to the question, it is necessary to diagnose what causes this situation.

  • Learning of the cause of nasal discharge, infants nasal suitable drugs can be used.
  • Nasal drops and sprays suitable for children may be used to open the blockage. Care should be taken not to prolong the usage period.
  • To ensure a comfortable night's sleep a bath near the heat steam or lukewarm water. Steam machines may also be preferred for this purpose. This will soften the baby's nasal canal and open the canals to facilitate breathing.
  • Your child's nose is often cleaned and the discharge from the viral infection can be removed from the nose. Especially for young babies, nose cleaning is a very useful method. Used for this purpose nasal aspirators and vacuum injectors It can be utilized.

Need a nose aspirator? Click on the link below to see all the nasal aspirators.

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  • You can often ventilate your child's room and keep the moisture level in balance will prevent the nasal canals from drying out.
  • During the period of colds, the infants under 6 months of age receive breast milk, and infants older than 6 months with water and fruit juices. consume plenty of fluids attention should be paid.
  • Plenty of rest for your puppy to take care of, will accelerate healing.

Thanks to these steps, you may notice that your puppy's runny nose improves faster. But;

Attention! Especially if a baby under the age of 6 months has a cold, a doctor should be consulted and no spray, drops, etc. should be taken without approval. The drug should not be used.

In winter months influenza in infants often seen. You should not worry, and you should try ways to increase your body resistance so that your pup can get through this period as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the hygiene rules of you and other family members, you can protect your miniature by keeping it free from germs.

If your baby has a dry cough with a cold, we recommend that you read the following article. Click the link.

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