The Best New Year Gifts You Can Get For Your Baby!

The Best New Year Gifts You Can Get For Your Baby!

The Best New Year Gifts You Can Get For Your Baby!

From the moment you learn that you will have a baby, the first thing you do is think about what you will get and dream about what you will get.

Even when you hear that you will have a sister, cousin or a friend's baby, you will think with the same excitement what gifts you will receive for the baby.

This flurry will continue every year on national holidays such as birthdays, religious holidays, 23 April National Sovereignty Children's Day.

But the problem is; a wide range of baby products best gifts for babies What are you and how will you choose the right gift?

Pacifier and Soother Strap

A set of pacifiers and pacifier hangers will take the first place among the best gifts for 0-1 year old babies.

Babies love to put their pacifiers on the ground and think it is a game thanks to the pacifier hanger you can avoid this situation a little bit.

Do you want easy access to pacifiers and hangers? Click on the link below.

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Colorful, rattling, rustling teether will be a gift for 6-12 months babies.

Babies will relax their new teeth as they bite, wheezing sounds and different accessories on the teether will improve their senses and have fun moments.

Click on the link below for easy access to the teether!

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Educational Colored Rings

Educational rings, one of the baby's favorite toys, can be a great gift option.

This gift is for babies who try to arrange colorful rings from big to small, roll like a wheel or even use it to scratch their teeth. cognitive, emotional and psycho-motor development will support in a positive way.

Click on the link below to easily access these rings to support your baby's development!

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Plush Puppets

Plush finger or hand puppets that your little baby will play with great pleasure; their ability to express themselves, empathy and develop their social skills is a nice gift option.

Toy Musical Instrument

Babies love to make more sounds by shaking or hitting them.

Because every time you hit it, it shows that you are in control and this feeling reinforces your baby's ability to establish cause-and-effect relationship and sense of accomplishment.

Therefore What to buy gift to babies If you say; toy guitar, piano, harmonica, accordion, maracas, drums, saxophone and tambourine.

Click on the link below for easy access to the instrument!

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Wood Blocks

Wooden blocks, which are completely organic because they are made of natural wood, are a good option in the toy category among the most beautiful gifts you can get for your baby.

Particularly, the prism of cubes and rectangles, and blocks of blocks with different shapes, effectively develop the creativity of babies.

Click on the link below for easy access to wooden blocks!

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Puzzle and building toys, which can be broken down and rebuilt after construction, are among the most beautiful gifts to be bought for babies.

These toys are very good for your baby to focus, to build a whole relationship and taste the sense of success.

Click on the link below for easy access to puzzles.

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3D Touch Feel Books

Your child should have a positive attitude towards books in order to gain the habit of reading.

3D Touch Feel books will be a great start for your baby to love books. These books are designed to help your baby with colors, three-dimensional pieces and different textures. cognitive and sensory will contribute to the development.

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Play Tent

A play tent where babies can play house, sometimes a hospital, sometimes a happy home, and sometimes a school, will enhance your baby's creativity.

The play tent, which is your own mini field, will reinforce your sense of belonging and make you realize that you are a separate individual.

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Baby Blanket

All parents know that some babies have a special loyalty to their blankets. Then you can give him a soft, lovely patterned blanket that he feels safe in.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

You can make them happy by buying accessories such as tinsel, clothes or a buckle for girls and boys.

Click on the link below to find the products that will help you.

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Gold, Doll Collar-Evil Eye Needle

If you think your baby has enough toys and clothes and want to buy a special gift for him, best gifts for babies between.

A gift such as a gold bracelet, a bracelet, a baby collar and an evil eye pin will make your baby happy today and will be a special souvenir to keep for years.

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