Can I Use Pain Relief While Pregnant?

Can I Use Pain Relief While Pregnant?

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Using drugs unconsciously and irresponsibly causes serious health problems on individuals. Even these health problems sometimes deadly results can even give birth.

Although a large part of our society has this information, most people can use it without hesitation and ask for drugs from their friends or neighbors.

Especially being comfortable about painkillers, both pregnant women and pregnant women baby's health endangers.

Therefore pain relief during pregnancy You should be careful about using analgesics and follow some rules.

In which situations can pain relief be used during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the expectant mother and the baby are not only affected by what the mother eats and drinks, but also by the medications she uses.

For this reason, experts do not support the use of drugs by the expectant mother. However, sometimes it is encountered that the damage caused by not using the drug is higher than the damage caused by using the drug.

At that time, doctors may ask the expectant mother to use an analgesic drug of a type and scale that can be used during pregnancy.

The cases where a doctor may ask a pregnant woman to use pain medication are as follows;

It may be needed in the natural flow of pregnancy.

From the first day of pregnancy, the female body begins to work to provide the conditions necessary for the baby to securely hold, grow and develop in the uterus.

The regulation of these studies is carried out by hormones. Thus, the hormone values ​​that your body is accustomed to your body, your psychology starts to affect.

One of the most important changes that affect mothers in this process is pain in the body. Pregnant mothers who have difficulty in resisting these pain may need to use painkillers during pregnancy.

Influenza and Viral Infections

Pregnant mother during pregnancy, viruses, bacteria and so on. they may be infected by microscopic organisms that cause disease.

It is normal for the patient to develop pains in the areas of the head, neck, throat, joints, muscles, bones due to infection.

In cases where pain cannot be tolerated, the doctor may recommend the use of painkillers during pregnancy.

After Surgery

Women may have to undergo surgical operation due to any problem during pregnancy.

In such a case, the doctor may recommend painkillers to reduce post-operative pain.

Chronic Disorders

Before you become pregnant, you may need to use painkillers during pregnancy for diseases such as teeth, low back, migraine pain.

However, after conception, you should consult your specialist first and ensure that your medication and dose are adjusted in a way that will not harm the baby.

Painkiller should not be used during pregnancy without looking at the active ingredients.

For your own health, once you think about what you think 10 times when it comes to the health of your baby is not paranoid, it is a completely instinctive behavior.

Therefore, it is not unusual for you to consume the nutrients you consume without paying much attention to their contents by calculating even the percentage of the substances in pregnancy.

You should show much more than you pay attention to what you eat and drink while using medication. You can review our nutrition article during pregnancy.//www. / Pregnancy-eras in the nutrition /

Pain relief during pregnancy and other ingredients should be checked before drinking. What are the active ingredients you should pay attention to?

  • Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)

Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophenis one of the active substances used in painkillers. The medication your doctor will prescribe for mild to moderate pain during pregnancy will probably contain this substance.

Because it is thought to be less harmful than other factors.

The fact that one active substance is less harmful than others does not mean that it will do no harm.

Although researches have not observed a problem with pregnancy in pregnant women taking paracetamol containing more than 28 days, the negative effects After you're 3 In children exposed to this effect for a long time in the pre-natal period, there were problems in language development and communication skills after the age of 3 years. behavior disorders It was observed.

No side effects have been observed so far in mothers and their babies exposed to paracetamol for a short time during pregnancy.

  • Ibuprofen

Another active substance called ibuprofen is used in most of the drugs used as painkillers during pregnancy.

In the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, no side effects were observed in the mother or the baby as a result of the use of a painkiller containing this active substance.

However, in the process from 3rd trimester to birth ibuprofen Use is not recommended. Because ibuprofen is likely to increase bleeding during childbirth.

This may endanger the life of both the mother and the baby.

  • Opioids

Morphine and similar heavy, in other words narcotic painkillers. Synthetically produced substances. Drugs containing opioid chemicals are never sold without a prescription, as these medicines used for pain relief may be addictive for long-term use.

In very severe cases, these drugs may be prescribed only by the physician in cases where more serious consequences are not used by considering the balance of benefit and harm.

The dosage and duration of use of these drugs should not exceed the limits set by the doctor.

Which Pain Relief Is Used in Pregnancy?

Many brands of analgesic drugs are available on the market which painkiller is used in pregnancy It is quite appropriate that the question is wondered by the mothers.

Password in Pregnancy, tamol, vermidon, minoset are among the most frequently prescribed drugs. The most important common feature is that they all contain paracetamol, that is, acetaminophen.

The most important thing to pay attention to in this regard; No matter which analgesic you will use, your doctor has recommended it and the drug is taken at the dose determined by the doctor, in the desired time.

In short, the most accurate answer to the question of which painkillers are used during pregnancy; it will be the painkiller recommended by your doctor.

Why Use Painkiller During Pregnancy?

Regardless of the stage of life, no matter which health problem is experienced, one should be aware of the use of drugs. Unfortunately, taking medication without consulting a doctor is a common behavior, even habit in our society.

Especially use of painkillers in pregnancy It is a delicate condition that is not taken too seriously and endangers the life of both the baby and the mother.

If the mother makes unconscious analgesic use before she becomes pregnant, she increases the risk of birth complications by endangering her and her baby's life.

For a healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth, the use of pain medication during pregnancy should be treated consciously and absolutely no medication should be used without consulting a doctor.

Expecting a baby is a special case and the mother has important duties in this process. Because everything from feeding until the baby is born to the mood of the mother is related to the behavior and habits of the mother.

Therefore, the expectant mother is not only about nutrition, pain relief during pregnancy and the use of other drugs. Do not use any product without consulting a doctor.

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