All About Tooth Wheat!

All About Tooth Wheat!

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What is Tooth Wheat? How To?

Anatolia, where many different civilizations have lived on from past to present, has a very rich culture.

This richness of culture, wedding associations, the birth of the baby, even the baby's teeth to bring out a large number of customary.

Tooth Wheat is an Anatolian tradition that has been practiced since ancient times. This tradition, which was used in almost every family and every newborn baby when the first female was born, is not done much today.

Especially in big cities, tooth wheat is forgotten in many different concepts. "I've lost a tooth" parties.

Purpose of Tooth Wheat Tradition

Most traditions are based on certain beliefs and wishes. Tooth wheat of small babies when the first tooth comes out The reason for this traditional celebration is; baby is painless, painless to have a teething process and is believed to provide healthy teeth for life.

Today, the reason for this is not based on a scientific fact, but rather for fun and social activities for the mother.

In addition to its clear purpose, this celebration also has an implicit purpose. In old times, women in puerperal women could not reflect their stress and problems to their family members too much, could not be spoiled for anyone, when they were bored, they could not invite their friends and visit them when they wanted to.

This tradition has been a good opportunity for the mother to have fun with the mother, spouse, friends, relatives and friends.

How To Make Tooth Wheat Party?

  • It all starts with the first tooth of the baby. The first person to notice the baby's teeth is the special participant of the party and must receive a gift for the baby to keep for life.
  • In fact, this special person is obliged to equip the baby with clothes that she will wear on the party day. so tooth wheat party A suitable day is determined and preparations are started.
  • Foods such as cakes, pies, pastry and cookies are prepared to serve the guests. The baby is washed, ironed and dressed in new clothes taken by the first female person.
  • After the arrival of the guests an important eldest of the family and dental experienced person can cook tooth wheat. After the wheat is cooked, a clean cover is laid on the floor and the baby is placed on it and a handful of cooked and chilled wheat is poured.
  • The wheat remaining on the baby's head is collected and arranged on a rope. This tradition is made to ensure that the baby's teeth are single-row and smooth. The other wheat grains remaining on the cover are collected and given to the birds to eat and thus the baby is believed to be beneficial to nature and other living things.
  • The most important stage of the Tooth Wheat party concept is to put objects symbolizing certain professions on the ground cover, and the baby is placed in close proximity to all items at equal distance.
  • The baby is expected to reach one of the objects standing in front of him. It is believed that the baby will have a profession related to whatever the object is in the first hand. After passing this stage, the guests present the gifts they brought for the baby to the mother and then the treats begin.
  • In some areas, when wheat is served, sugar is stored in one of the containers, and whoever coincides, the baby will receive a gift that he will keep for life.

Tooth Wheat Party Ingredients and Meanings

The most important stage of this tradition is the stage of putting occupational objects into the veil. Because it is believed that the object will affect the future of the mini. Therefore tooth wheat party supplies should have a certain meaning and should be carefully selected.


It is believed that if the baby reaches out to the book, it will be an academic success, maybe a writer.

Holy Quran

It is believed that the baby reaching to the holy book will have a profession related to religion such as imam, mufti and muezzin.


He points out that the baby reaching out to the pen reads and holds the pen in his hand and that he will have a good profession.


When the baby reaches out to the scissors, it shows that when he grows up he will be a good tailor, hairdresser or designer.


It is believed that if the tiny hands reach out to the ruler, he will be a good engineer in the future.


It is said that as a result of reaching out to one of these little puppies will be a doctor or nurse.


It is believed that the mini-spoon is likely to become a successful cook in the future.


The hands holding the paint will hold the paint in the future; He is believed to be a good painter or artist.

Tooth batch materials can be changed and loaded with different meanings. The most important thing here is to keep in mind the possibility that the baby will get into his or her hands while reaching out to these objects and cause harm and benefit. You must take the necessary precautions.

How To Make Healthy Tooth Wheat?

Teeth Recipe

Tasty for a beautiful celebration How to make tooth wheat need to know well.

Ingredients you need for Healthy Tooth Wheat:

  • Half Water Glass HAMMM Palm Extract
  • 2.5 Cups of Wheat
  • 2 Liter Drinking Water
  • Half Water Glass Walnut
  • Half Water Glass Nuts
  • Half Water Glass Almond
  • 1 Cup Pomegranate
  • 1 Cup Dry Mulberry
  • 5-6 Pieces of Dried Figs
  • 5-6 Dried Apricots
  • Half Water Glass Raisin
  • Over pistachio, coconut


In this activity, which has not been done as much as before but is quite fun and meaningful. tooth wheat decorations If you wish, you can decorate your house with colorful balloons, magnet, scented soap, small ornamental objects that you can store as a souvenir for the guests.

so tooth wheat celebrate your baby's first tooth with your loved ones, you immortalize this day and accumulate very beautiful memories.

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