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First Aid in Infants!

First Aid in Infants!

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What to do if the baby falls?

One of the most common mistakes made to the person falling give water the other is is to try to remove.A broken bone sharpens like a razor and damages all tissues. Therefore, the falling person must remain stable. First, calm down your baby and try to understand what happened. But to calm down Do not breast-feed, do not give water or favorite foods Do not use to calm down.Because the situation may be different from what we think. We don't want to draw a bad picture, but the situation may worsen, you may need to go to the hospital and maybe undergo an operation. Let's consider all this and
Let's not give food or drink to our falling baby.
One of the things we fear most when our baby falls. head injuries Some situations tell us when your baby falls or hits his head. head trauma information about whether or not.
  1. Your baby vomiting like a squirt.
  2. Transparent fluid and blood from the ear or mouth.
  3. Drowsiness during sleep hours
If you encounter such conditions, please contact your doctor immediately.You can review our first aid article for children.//www. / To-child first aid /

Burns in Infants

What are the first aid methods for burns?
  • Toothpaste on the burned area
  • Yogurt on the burned area

Such applications are completely superstition.

All you need to do in the treatment of burns 15-20 minutes time to keep cold water.

If you have a large burn, for example, consider boiling water spilled on your baby's clothing is a burn agent. In this case, it is necessary to remove the object by cutting.

If there is a sticking point, do not tug and cut away. Tugging usually has negative consequences.

In large burn cases, burn area wet cloth, bed sheets You must remove the heat from your baby's body by wrapping with.

We recommend that you continue this practice until the heat is removed from your body.

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