5 Activity Suggestions for Pregnancy!

5 Activity Suggestions for Pregnancy!

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5 Activity Suggestions for Pregnancy!

How about doubling your happiness after learning that you are a mother

In this article we will talk about fun activities you can do while pregnant. It is possible that you will feel the lack of social life for a while after becoming a mother. Activities during pregnancy With both you can spoil yourself and I wish you could also avoid saying.

You can include your loved ones in your advice activities besides your baby.

Before Mother, After Mother

Since you learn to be a mother, your perspective on life changes. With the responsibility of being a mother, your baby has been a part of your life from the very first moment.

He always has food, walking, shopping and even sitting up. You think about your baby and give direction to your own life. After being a mother, you may have to give up many activities for your baby.

What you can do before you become a mother, that is, when you are pregnant and that is difficult to do after becoming a mother activities during pregnancy list.

Let's examine together

Go to the cinema!

As an indispensable part of social life, cinema is the biggest activity sought after becoming a mother. When you become a mother, it is so much that when you devote it to meet the needs of your baby, going to the movies is now a luxury.

Your baby is so in need of you that he will want to be with you at every moment and you will have to spend almost all your time with him for a certain period of time. It's pretty hard to do after being a mother like this. cinema activity can perform while pregnant.

Cinema during pregnancy; It is among the most enjoyable activities you can do with your baby and your partner, you can spend time together by inviting friends to this event. Here are our suggestions about the genres that you can watch about the movie;

  • Love, drama, romance, romantic-drama are genres that you may be emotionally affected by hormone changes in your pregnancy. If you feel sad enough, stay away from these movies.
  • Family, comedy, romantic comedy genres should be among the genres you prefer to go to cinema. Especially family film Since most of the issues such as infant, child, parent relationships, infant rearing, child rearing and relationships between family members are covered, you can examine how your life expects after your baby is born.
  • This kind of films will prevent you from worrying about the problems you think you will live with your baby in the future. Because these films, which were written and filmed, actually present the situations that most families experience. So you can reassure yourself that your concerns about taking care of your baby will not just happen to me.
  • Musical, history, biography You can also choose to watch movie genres. Because of the subject matter of this kind of movies is more calm to watch. You can catch a peaceful and pleasant cruise with the beautiful music sounds in the background. I'm sure your baby will also enjoy this pleasure.
  • Action, adventure, crime, fantasy, mystery, war, horror and thriller For movie genres, we recommend you not to choose too much. Because the loud sound in the cinema environment can affect our little baby.
The use of high sound effects in such films and the sudden tension of the scene may adversely affect the mother and the baby, so we recommend that you avoid them!

Going to the movies while you're pregnant shouldn't be a movie to go to because you're interested. The visual feast on the big screen, the sound system, the environment you are in, and your friends or your partner to go with you will give you a different pleasure. Then what are you expecting beautiful mothers? How about going to the movies with your loved ones in the evening by taking a look at the movies that are on the spot?

Spend time with your friends!

Another suggestion for activities during pregnancy is to have a meeting with friends. After becoming a mother, there will be a number of differences brought about by a life with a baby.

Therefore, gathering friends will not be as frequent as before. You can't have as much time as you can, go to the cafe with your friends as much as possible while pregnant and have a chat while sipping your tea. You can also go shopping with your friends.

Every meeting that your friends have made without you can become sad after you become a mother; but a smile from your baby will make you forget all that

Weekend Vacation Plan!

Perhaps the most enjoyable of all activities during pregnancy; will be your weekend holiday plan with your partner. After you become a mother, you will not be able to spend as much time with each other as the attention will be concentrated on your baby as both mother and father.

Even as a mother, you will have difficulty in allocating time to yourself and your time with your partner will be limited.

Make your pregnancy more enjoyable with your partner knowing the opportunity. Small getaways will be good for both you and your partner as you will feel happy and peaceful. For this reason, we recommend that you explore the places where you can have a weekend getaway with your partner.

Walking outside!

The most healthy of all activities during pregnancy is to walk outside. Because walking during pregnancy is an activity that benefits you both now and after you become a mother.

Walking is very important for health.

Walking along with fresh air will help you during birth. Unhealthy if you regulate walking you also prevent weight gain. So how do you do the walk? Here are a few tips:

  • The place to walk should not be too curved and stepped.
  • At least three days a week at medium tempo (neither too fast nor too slow), to breathe freely should be.
  • Minimum walking time 30 minutes up to 60 minutes should be.
  • Comfortable clothing should be preferred when walking.
  • When walking, look in the opposite direction and upright must be thick. Do not walk in a hump position.


Another healthy activity you can do during pregnancy is swimming. After becoming a mother in the sea and in the pool enjoy swimming alone during pregnancy, as you will often be with your baby.

After being a mother, you will have fun with your baby in the water rather than swimming. Besides, swimming while pregnant will help you immensely.

  • Swim is good for low back pain.
  • You won't feel tired.
  • Swim will make you feel better psychologically and help you relieve your stress.
  • There will be no weight on the legs and no weight on the legs.
  • Swimming activity during the first months of pregnancy will prevent nausea and vomiting.

We mentioned above activities during pregnancy It is both enjoyable and healthy and fun activities for expectant mothers and I wish I had done it during pregnancy. Therefore, after reading our article to you beautiful mothers; if not all, we recommend doing at least one of our recommendations for yourself and your baby.

Especially in pregnancy enjoy the cinema Remove as much as possible. However, of course, these activities will not be important to your baby. Her crying and laughing are indicative of her need for you, and there is no more meaningful activity in the world than meeting the needs of beautiful babies.

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