5 Nutrients Strengthening the Immune System of Babies!

5 Nutrients Strengthening the Immune System of Babies!

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Infants Immune System

All babies are born with the immune system. However, the immune system of infants in the first months does not fully develop.

According to researches; antibodies that fight diseases in the mother's immune system during pregnancy can travel to the placenta and the baby's body. These antibodies continue to protect the baby several months after birth.

Infants immune system, along with the brain and other organs, develops at full speed.

The immune system consists of a group of cells, proteins, tissues and organs that fight disease, germs and other invaders.

When an unsafe substance enters the body, the immune system starts attacks.

5 Nutrients Strengthening the Immune System of Babies!

  Eighty percent of the immune system makes up probiotics Balanced and proper nutrition strengthens the immune system by maintaining intestinal flora

Breast Milk

Breast milk; energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients all together in a baby that provides growth and development, high bioavailability, easy to digest a unique liquid.

Breast milk is a miracle,Even a drop of breast milk is very valuable for your baby.

Depending on your baby's premature or late birth, weight, the amount of fat and protein that the digestive system can accept, and even what protein and fat content it needs, it can miraculously change.

Breast milk, it is the most important, most suitable food for your baby. Always fresh, clean and ready to be given to the baby; therefore breastfeeding is a cheap and simple method.Even the healthiest food produced cannot be developed to mimic breast milk.

The most effective way to strengthen the immune system of babies first 6 months your baby only breast milk to feed.

Research has found that infants who are breastfed often suffer from fewer chronic diseases, such as allergies, rheumatic disorders and ear infections.

This is not to say that the formula does not improve the immune system of infants fed. Infants who cannot get breast milk for various reasons should be fed with formula formula. However, the mother should not stop breastfeeding because she does not.

Should try to give breast milk to her baby even if it is a drop


Yogurt, which helps in the fight against bacteria probiotics is rich in terms.

Calcium of your baby healthy bones and teethstrong is a very important mineral to be.

Yoghurt,rich in calcium nutrients at the beginning. Sufficient calcium taken during infancy affects the whole life of the baby.

Yogurt and regular consumption of the baby's first food facilitates digestion, strengthens bones, tissue functions and immune system.

You can support the immune system by giving yogurt to your baby from the 6th month onwards when it is switched to additional nutrients.


Walnut omega-3 fatty acid store.

Walnut not only supports your baby's brain development, but also strengthens the immune system.

However, you should pay attention to your baby after 12 months in consultation with your doctor to give nuts.

Because, allergy potential of nuts is quite high.


Especially organic fruits contain antioxidants such as blueberries, pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries, vitamin A, vitamin C and anthionion.

And this nutrients that support the immune system among the best sources.

You can give your baby pureed fruits from the 6th month. However, I recommend that you start with fruits that have the lowest risk of allergies in switching to supplementary food.


Garlic, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial has features.

It helps to increase the number of cells fighting the virus in the body and also improves blood circulation.

Garlic also helps fight against H. pylori bacteria that cause stomach infections.

The high sulfur content in garlic is useful in combating cold and flu.

From the 8th month, you can add garlic to your baby's soup.

Note: Since garlic has an allergic potential, consult your baby's doctor before giving it to your baby.

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