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Montessori Activities

Montessori Activities

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Montessori Activities

New generation parents are as sensitive as they are about the care and development of their children, as well as their education. One of the educational methods faced by parents who read educational books and do research on the internet while their babies are still in the womb montessori education.

The basis of this method, which is very popular recently, is an Italian gynecologist, pedagogue and professor of anthropology. Maria Montessori was thrown by.

The acquisition and skills of this training which takes the student into the center and actively participates him / her in the process, Montessori events You can also give it to your child by applying it easily at home.

0-1 Age Montessori Events

The baby, who comes to the world which is more active and noisy from the peaceful and calm environment of the mother's womb, will spend the first two months trying to get used to this foreign environment.

The little ones who spend almost 6 months in bed will increase their interaction with the environment after they begin to crawl. You parents can improve your baby's development with the example 0-1 age montessori activities given below and you can enrich these examples yourself.


One of the earliest activities is a mirror. Just let the baby see itself through the mirror.

Against the reflection of the mirror, the baby's sense of vision is activated. The baby who sees his face will try to recognize himself, will approach the mirror and walk away, encounter symmetry develop the perception of dimension.

Noisy Bottles

Materials necessary for the construction of noisy bottles that babies enjoy playing; plastic and transparent bottles of half a liter or less, colored beads, colored yarns, flakes, chickpeas, red lentils, green lentils, dried legumes such as rice.

You can put different materials in each bottle and close the lid tightly and give it to your baby. Your baby will be able to do the rest by shaking the bottles and making different sounds.

Babies can easily play with noisy bottles from month 4 onwards

Sensory Basket

For sitting babies montessori activities that you can apply.

Your baby's visual, auditory, tactile, all senses, especially with the sense basket can activate. First you need to find a basket that does not contain any parts that could harm your baby. Let your baby examine them by placing objects of different characteristics and colors, such as rough, smooth, hard, soft, rustling and quiet inside the basket.

2 Age Montessori Events

Your toddler at the age of 1 can run and play comfortably after the age of 1.5. In addition, now climbing, bouncing, jumping, easily reach the desired location of your mini begins to interact with more materials.

The more you introduce him to different materials and activities in the process, the more he opens up his perceptions. At home 2 years montessori events will help you support your baby's development in many ways.

Find the Match

Your baby's focus, matching skills, a sense of accomplishment The application is quite an easy activity. First, remove a large number of pairs of socks in different colors and patterns from the drawer and separate the pairs of socks and mix them all together.

Then ask your baby to find and match the pairs. Make sure that the patterns of the socks you choose are not too close to each other and are easily distinguishable.

If you do this activity after the washed socks have dried, you will be doing a job of the house with your mini at the same time with the activity, adding it to the life process in the house and giving a responsibility in your common living space.

Water Transfer with Sponge

Among the 2 montessori activities that can be held at home transfer activities is a must.

The necessary materials in this activity, which can be easily done by 2 years old baby, will be quite entertaining while doing; two plastic containers, a clean sponge and some clean water.

Goal; one of the containers by filling a small amount of water, your baby with this sponge to carry the other container is to provide. Your baby develops attention and coordination skills by carrying water with a sponge, activates fine and coarse motor muscles and provides hand-eye coordination.

Rod Feed Through Hole

You can easily apply a mini-bar for your mini at home through the hole, which is among the 2 montessori activities.

You should find a container with a plastic lid, such as a yogurt or ice cream container, to which you can pierce the top. Pick up colored straws to throw into the bowl or paint and prepare the ice cream sticks in different colors.

Then drill holes on the top surface of the plastic container so that rods or straws can pass through, and finally give your baby the necessary instructions to pass colored objects through the holes. This activity will improve your baby's fine and coarse-motor muscles, attention and coordination.

3 Age Montessori Events

Your miniature, which is now 3 years old, has grown and has grown from infancy to child age. 3 years montessori events it should now have features to improve hand-eye coordination, fine and coarse motor skills as well as mental skills further.


The materials you need are beads of different colors and similar boxes of the same size.

First of all, you should paint each of the boxes with the same color as your pompoms. Then put the colored puffs in front of your mini-bar and give it a plastic tong. With the instructions you give, let your mini grasp each pompom with tongs and transfer it to its color container.

This activity allows your baby to develop the hand and finger muscles as well as learn the colors and gain the ability to classify.

Felt ball instead of pompom, large beads, colored pasta and so on. materials can also use.

Number Study

Cut 5 pieces of cartons in the form of any fruit or body. Number each shape you cut from 1 to 5 and write your own numbers on it.

Draw spaces on each carton where you can place as many objects as you like. This object can be placed on cardboard pieces of small shaped cardboard, bottle caps and so on. can. Then, with the instructions you will give your baby, place the value of each figure on the cardboard.

With these 3-year-old montessori activities, you can effectively improve your baby's mathematical intelligence.

Staying in Line

It supports the physical development of your baby and helps the body to maintain balance and coordination. A hiking trail bends with colored tape on the ground.

Then follow the track to reach the goal of your mini.

Montessori Activities for Children 4 Years and Older

For your growing pup every day; You can safely do many activities by using materials such as metal and wood that do not contain hard and sharp parts, do not break, and do not contain long pieces of rope that can wrap around your neck. Given below montessori activities 4 years Examples of activities that can be applied to children over and over.

  • Fork, Spoon, Knife Classification
  • Potato printing
  • Hanging laundry with the help of pegs
  • Growing any animal or plant
  • Helping her mother clean
  • Washing car with father
  • Picking natural materials by sightseeing
  • Sort colors that are close to each other from light to dark
  • Sorting objects of different sizes from small to large
  • Categorization studies

Activities such as montessori will be both educational and fun for children over 4 years old.

It has been proved by experts that children who grow up with love and interest are happier in their future lives and more successful in social and academic fields.

For healthy and successful generations, we should spend plenty of time with our children and support their development.

Montessori eventswill help you to spend quality time with your child while you are raising your child.

Montessori bedding You can watch our video.

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