What is Early Pregnancy Test, When and How?

What is Early Pregnancy Test, When and How?

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What is Early Pregnancy Test?

To have a baby the same excitement surrounds all women who stop protection.

“Can I be pregnant?”

This excitement increases if the ovulation period, which is suitable for getting pregnant, and the days close to it have been evaluated and all conditions have been met in order to get pregnant easily.

In order to understand pregnancy with normal pregnancy tests, it is necessary to wait for the delay of menstruation. However, for many women, even 1 day in these periods may seem like 1 year. This led to the production of a product that could detect pregnancy earlier.

Early pregnancy testcan detect pregnancy up to 5 days before the estimated menstrual bleeding. Therefore, it is one of the products frequently used by women planning pregnancy.

What is the Difference Between Normal Pregnancy Test and Early Pregnancy Test?

Early pregnancy tests, just like other pregnancy tests, By measuring the level of the hormone hCG determines pregnancy. This hormone is found in some amounts in non-pregnant women.

The amount found in non-pregnant women is between 5-10mlU / ml.

Early pregnancy tests however, they are sensitive enough to detect the increase in hormone slightly above this amount. While pregnancy may not be detected even on the first day of menstruation in other pregnancy tests, it can be easily detected in early pregnancy tests.

Also called pregnancy hormone beta hCG hormone, fertilization occurs with the day shows a large increase. However, the main reason why other tests cannot show a positive result in the early period even in pregnancy is that this hormone has not yet reached the threshold that the test can measure.

Click the link below for more information on Beta HCG values.

// www. / Beta-hCG-values ​​/

Increase in beta hCG hormone level may be different in every woman. Some women reach higher levels in a short time, while some women may be late. The reason of this late fertilization can. However, it is still a hormone that can rise to the point of doubling in 2 days.

Therefore, approximately 8-10 days later It is possible to obtain a positive result in early pregnancy test. So you can find out if you're pregnant in a short time with a simple test you can do at home.

What is the Accuracy of Early Pregnancy Tests?

  • As mentioned early pregnancy testscalled pregnancy hormone beta hCG hormone level measure accurately. As a result of research conducted by the companies producing these tests, more than 70% of pregnant women hCG hormone valuethe day of menstruation 5 days ago the test can be as high as it can measure. However, if you did this test up to 5 days before your expected menstrual date and it was negative, That you are not 100% pregnant It does not show. It is necessary to wait a few more days for the correct result and repeat the test.
  • Almost the early pregnancy test from the expected menstrual day 99% accuracy located. This means more precise results for curious mothers. Therefore, it becomes the first choice of many mothers.

Early Pregnancy Test When?

In order to determine this time, firstly it is necessary to know which time periods of pregnancy can occur. A woman with an average menstrual cycle (approximately 28 days), from the first day of the last menstruation counting starts Day 14 spawning must. To allow the egg to fertilize, approx. 24 hours has. Since sperm cells can survive in the female body for up to 48 hours, or up to 72 hours with better parameters, fertilization may occur after the relationships entered before and after ovulation. Fertilized Egg Approx Proceeds to the uterus in 6-12 days and settles here.

Pregnancy hormone is from now on beta hCG hormone increases rapidly, doubling every 48 hours.

Early pregnancy tests vary according to the type of brand, but on average They can detect pregnancy after 7-10 days. This period is usually sufficient for the pregnancy hormone to rise in the blood to be detected in the urine by draining through the kidneys. Brands indicating that they can detect pregnancy up to 4 days before the expected menstrual day Up to 5 days There are also brands that say can detect. However, no matter which brand's product you will buy, you should know that;

  • Whatever the result it makes sense to repeat the test after two days approach.
  • In early tests, a negative result is not always a definite result. This is because fertilization may be later than the date you think.
  • At the same time, pregnancy hormone may not show the same level of increase in everyone. Therefore, the test can be renewed after a few days with negative results.

A blood test is required to confirm the positive result in your test. Blood testing always gives clearer results.

  • Despite the positive test results, it is possible that menstruation can be seen in a low probability. Ultimately, these tests measure pregnancy hormone. Bleeding may occur despite positive results in cases such as chemical pregnancy.
  • Early tests in people expecting pregnancy negative psychology It can be created. Until the expected menstrual day, the results of a series of tests with great hope can be more weary than expecting to be menstruated and realizing that you are not pregnant. Therefore, this detail should not be ignored before performing an early pregnancy test.

Early Pregnancy Test How?

Early pregnancy testing is easy. To get a healthy result, you should pay attention to the following;

  • The expiration date of the test you have taken and In a cool, dry place Make sure it is stored.
  • Within a few hours before the test be careful not to consume too much liquid.
  • Perform the test at the times recommended in the instructions for use. Many tests are usually performed at any time of day.
  • There are species that are kept in the flowing urine or deposited in a container and dropped into the urine compartment by the dropper method. In both conditions, it is recommended to drain the first portion of the incoming urine and then take the sample.
  • Hold or flush urine to the test for the amount or time specified in the test instruction manual.
  • Wait for the time specified in the instructions for use included in the test and observe the result.
  • If the result field if there is a single line, the result is negative. However, this does not mean that you are not 100% pregnant. If in doubt, you can try the test again soon.
  • If the double line appears, the result is positive. The second line is faint, which means positive. In this case, you can wait a few days for a more satisfactory result and repeat the test.
  • If there are no lines in the result field, the test is invalid. You need to do the test again to get the right result.

Early pregnancy testis highly preferred because it can tell you that you are pregnant before the expected menstrual date. However, getting pregnant is time consuming. Although there are sometimes no problems, this process can take up to 1 year.

Entering high expectations every month and then being disappointed may wear the woman down. Even this stress may make it difficult to get pregnant. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this situation before performing these tests.

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