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All Details About Triple Screening Test!

All Details About Triple Screening Test!

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You've done your triple screening test, your doctor gave the good news, the result is certain. You're pregnant! So, what do you have to do now? What should you pay attention to, what should you do in this process?

Of course, your obstetrician will guide you correctly, but as a prospective mother, it is inevitable to question everything that comes to you during your pregnancy and why. This includes tests during pregnancy.

From the moment you learn that you are pregnant, you and your baby's health are closely monitored through some tests and examinations to be performed during your pregnancy. Triple screening test is one of these tests.

What is triple test? What is it?

Triple screening test; trisomy 21 (down syndrome), trisomy 18 (edwards syndrome) and neural tube defects in your baby is a screening test that calculates the probability. This test, also called Test Triple Test ”or“ Triple Test,, certain diseases that may occur in your baby helps to take precautions by trying to detect before birth.

Diseases Detected by Triple Screening and Their Meaning

Trisomy 21

Also known as 'Down Syndrome' or 'Mongolism' known as. It is an inherited disease and is caused by the fact that the 21st chromosome has three instead of two. There is no cure.

These babies have some physical problems and mental retardation.

Trisomy 18

Also known as 'Edwards Syndrome' known as. It is an inherited disease and is caused by the fact that the 18th chromosome has three instead of two. Infants with this syndrome very unlikely to survive.

It is highly probable that deaths occur in the womb or after birth.

Although trisomy 21 and trisomy 18 have similar characteristics, Down Syndrome has approximately one thousandth chance and Edwards syndrome is much less likely.

Neural Tube Defects (NTD)

They are some anomalies encountered in infants and are classified as two main types.

Anencephaly: It is defined by the formation of brain tissue that does not develop in the baby and is fatal.

Spina Bifida: The spinal cord tissue of the baby was formed but the spinal bones overflowed through the bones as the spinal bones did not complete the development. Other neural tube defect Although it can be fatal as well as surgical treatment is possible.

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The triple screening tests calculate the likelihood of these diseases and provide the necessary measures for the health of mother and baby in case of high risk. In cases where the result is positive amniocentesis process It can be applied.

However, it should be remembered that the incidence of all these diseases is very low, but triple scanning risk ratios as a result of this test is as low as.

3-Screening Test When? How is it applied?

Triple scanis usually done between the 16th and 20th weeks of pregnancy. However, in some special cases that your doctor deems appropriate, Week 15 and 22 It may also be possible to apply the test.

Pregnant women undergo a double screening test before the triple screening test. In cases where the results of the binary test cannot be assured, In order to clarify the results, a triple test is needed. Because genetic disorders such as Down syndrome and Edwards syndrome can be overlooked in the double test. Therefore, the risk analysis becomes clear with the help of triple test.

The triple test is very easy to perform. Some kind of blood test 3-way scanning It is enough to take blood samples from the mother. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid and worried when you take this test. The triple tests do not have a condition that could jeopardize your baby's health.

What are the values ​​examined in Triple Test?

On the basis of the triple test, Down and Edwards syndrome Detection of NTD or it is. In the detection of diseases, some blood values ​​are examined for each disease and the risk probabilities are determined as a result of values ​​below or above the threshold value. These values ​​are

  • AFP (alpha feto protein)
  • HCG
  • uE3 (free estriol)

are listed.

  • HCG value is above normal, AFP and uE3 values ​​are below normal In case of Down Syndrome is likely.
  • HCG value Be higher than 1.5-2.00 risk of Down Syndrome increases again.
  • AFP value Be higher than 2.00 NTD risk ratio will also increase.

How are the 3-Screen Test Normal Values?

The measurement of your blood values ​​taken into account in triple tests differs for the detection of each disease.

For Down's Syndrome, The threshold value of blood values ​​is 1/250. For this value and above, the test result is interpreted as positive.For Edwards Syndrome, The threshold value of blood values ​​is 1/100. For this value and above, the test result is interpreted as positive.For Neural Tube Defect, The AFP value is more than twice the normal value. In this case, the test result is again interpreted as positive.

Values ​​outside these limit values, Triple scan test normal values as seen.

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Considerations When Evaluating Triple Screening Test Results

There are important factors to consider when evaluating test results;

  • Age of expectant mother
  • Body weight (weight) of the expectant mother
  • Cigarette consumption
  • Diabetic status of expectant mother
  • Accuracy of the last menstrual date
  • Pregnancy history if available

These factors play a major role in the test result.

  • For example, Above 35 years old expectant mothers are more likely to have infants with down syndrome. In other words, your age will be evaluated together with your test result and a ratio will be issued accordingly.
  • There should be a harmony between the date you see your last period and your ultrasound values. Incompatible results between the two may also adversely affect your test result. This can unnecessarily worry you.
  • Furthermore, even if one of these factors is ignored or given incorrect information, the threshold of your test results may be adversely affected and your test results may be high, even if you are not in the risk group. Therefore, you should take care to share clear information with your doctor.

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What do Triple Screening Test Results Show?

Your doctor will evaluate the results. However, it should be known that triple screening test results it doesn't give you precise information, it only scans your baby for the risk of prenatal chromosomal disorders and cellular abnormalities. Tests with positive results do not necessarily mean that this disease exists.

For example, an infant with a high probability of down syndrome and a positive test result may not have a down syndrome, but a baby with no signs of risk in the test results may have Down syndrome.

Research Only one out of 23 positive tests had Down syndrome it is also possible to eliminate the results of your amniocentesis after your triple test.

Amniocentesis procedureis a process in which a certain amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby is taken and that fluid taken from the mother's womb can be examined to see if there is any discomfort in your baby's chromosomes. In other words, after all tests, it will guide the final diagnosis.

Keep in mind that your doctor can do the best evaluation of all of these test results.

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