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Reading Books to Babies

Reading Books to Babies

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Nutrition, sleep, development, disease, teething to say the fact that the development of a book that seems to be very important for the development of reading habits ...

Your baby will be in the process of learning and developing from the newborn period. Especially after 4 months when he begins to fully explore his surroundings, he starts to learn everything he sees and hears. From time to time you will realize that he is imitating you, trying to make sounds.

One of the most valuable contributions you can make to this development and learning process is reading a book arak By reading a book, you can support the development of imagination, language skills and perspectives. Here, you should not expect your baby to fully understand you when you are 6 months old, you should focus only on your contribution to its development.

Benefits of Reading Books to Babies

  • Imagination develops.
  • Gains the ability to speak more quickly.
  • Learns the relationship between cause and effect.
  • Improve visual memory ability.
  • Learn concrete concepts.
  • Supports the development of emotional intelligence.

What kind of books should be read to babies?

Before you read the book to your baby, you must read it alone. As the mother and father, you must make sense if the expressions contained in it are incorrect. Then you can read the book to your baby with peace of mind.

Be sure to include concrete statements in the books you will read. Abstract expressions can confuse your baby and make it difficult to understand.

Select books with short sentences whenever possible. Thus, the sentences will be completed before the perception is dissipated.

By choosing books with colorful and large pictures, you can have them observe as you read.

How many books should babies read?

your baby not to exceed 4-5 pages per day We recommend that you read the book. Reading too many pages can both distract and make it difficult to make sense.

Creating a Sleep Routine by Reading a Book

If your baby can hardly fall asleep, you can also use reading as a sleep routine. Half an hour before going to bed, you can tell him that it's time for him to read a book and make it easy for him to go to sleep. Believe me, this method will be more useful and enjoyable than any other sleep routine. 🙂

Book Recommendations for Babies

My Net Little Books-Our Body
With this book, your baby will learn the parts of your body with pleasure.
3 years book recommendations You can evaluate.
Click to reach.

Net Cute Cat Sarman

Your baby's imagination will contribute to the development of, each other has a story decorated with special pictures.
Suitable for up to 36 months.
Click to reach.

Getting to Know the Net Animals

If you are looking for soft book for babies, From 6 months Net Soft Animals Book is one of the books that you can show your baby with peace of mind.
Click to reach.

Clear Stories

For your sleep routine If you are looking for a story book for babies, Mışıl Mışıl Stories book is for you. There are 7 wonderful stories in it.
Click to reach.

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