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Baby Wash Tips

Baby Wash Tips

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital Specialist in Child Health and Diseases Follow-upWe learned how to treat children who do not want to be bathed '

Why can children be afraid of bathing?

Forcibly confronting the source of your child's fear does not overwhelm his fear. Remember that fear does not come from birth, it is learned later. The reasons why your child is afraid;

• The attitude of you, your spouse or the person caring for your baby
It is very important. When children are going to have a new experience, they look and imitate how they behave. Uneasy adults also make the child uneasy.

• Tasteless experiences
Too hot or cold water because of burning, chilling, shampoo to the eyes of babies may not want to take the same thing again may not want to take a bath.

• Some uncertainties
For example, he may think that he will flow out of the tub, just like the flowing water.

If your child is experiencing fear of bathing, consider these recommendations!

• Provide a dry experience first. Put them in the bathtub with some toys without water to get used to the environment and understand that you can enjoy this area. Leave the choice of these toys to him.
• If the room is hot and you have a baby who likes to play naked, let him play naked.
• Wash a doll with it.
• If you are afraid of the bathtub, start washing in a large basin.
• Never force it.
• First, you calm down.
• Never compare with other children.
• Be patient and understanding.

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