Comfortable Holiday Advice With Baby

Comfortable Holiday Advice With Baby

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Having children is only an obstacle to making crazy getaways with sudden decisions. However, planned and without going to 5 places in 5 days, the unit is an enjoyable time to go to at least travel it is quite possible!Medical Park Bahçelievler Hospital Pediatric Specialist Erdem Uzunoğlu;baby holiday from being a nightmare, the pleasure of sharing the recipe with you.

With the right planning and programming, you can have a very enjoyable holiday with your little friend. Just fill your suitcase with all the stuff you need, not a bunch of junk. your list of needs prepare it right, remember your medications and learn what to do on long journeys!…

Pre-Journey Preparation

if your baby small and especially vomiting; where you go at home means you'll have everything you need. For example, liquid soap, liquid surface cleaner, tiny hand towels, maybe a washbasin brush.

Requirement list

  • Even if you put a diaper in your suitcase, add 2-3 extra diapers to the baby's handbag.
  • Plenty of wet wipes
  • Food apron,
  • Paper towels,
  • Bottom changing cloth,
  • Enough drink liquid,
  • A toy that the baby is used to feeling safe on the road, and a new toy to prevent boredom,
  • Spare trash and refrigerator bags,
  • 1-2 sets replacement clothes for baby
  • A waist bag for you: Since your own belongings (wallet, health insurance cards, mobile phone, sunglasses and tickets, etc.) will be lost in the bag where you carry the baby goods…
  • Diaper rash cream,
  • Nail scissors, scissors

Remember medicines

  • Antipyretic syrup or suppositories: Put in the refrigerator as soon as you arrive at the hotel, as the suppositories will melt in heat
  • Baby oil for rash,
  • Creams or gels with cortisone, antibiotics and antihistamines,
  • Thermometer
  • Wicks or drops against vehicle motion sickness and vomiting

Flight Travel Advice

  • From the ticket purchase stage to the plane; travel agency, suitcase acceptance officer, etc. Remind everyone that you have a baby.
  • Go early to avoid waiting in line for baggage delivery (but if you go too early, you can explode with baby at the airport)
  • Upon check-in (baggage delivery); Since the front has a wide and extendable space, choosing a seat from the head of the corridor will make your journey more comfortable.
  • Take precaution because changes in cabin pressure can cause pain in the baby's ear when the plane is taking off or landing: Swallowing will open the ear, so feeding the baby with a bottle or drinker or feeding it with water is beneficial.
  • Airplanes have microwave ovens for heating bottles or milk. You can take advantage of this.
  • It will be difficult to pick up both the baby and the things. You're the last to get off the plane.

Frequent Breaks in Automobile Travel

  • Everyone must wear their seat belts. You can put inflatable supports under the head in the vehicle seat for the baby to sleep comfortably.
  • Take frequent breaks. Sitting in the same place on a long journey and not being able to take care of the environment can cause agitation in babies.
  • Change frequently at the driver. The change of the person who is interested in the baby rests the baby and the driver changes the driver.

    Adaptation Syndrome Attention!

In every human being, starting to live in a place other than the familiar environment and sleeping causes a certain tension. GASGENELtothe daptasyoSendromu). This table outweighs the sleep problem especially in infants. Defecation changes (especially constipation) and decreased appetite may occur due to odor in the toilet. You can take precautions to reduce these troubles:

  • Check whether the baby bed is safe or creaking when shaking.
  • Are the balconies and balcony doors etc safe?
  • Do not restrict if your baby is very mobile. Let him discover everything he wants to discover in a new environment, get satisfied. After securing the room, keep the words 'no' and 'handling' last. Then when you are already out of the room, it will run like crazy, enter the pool, get tired and leak when it comes to the room.
  • While feeding your baby's belly in the room, you can use linoleum-type protectors that you brought with you in order not to sink.

    Take advantage of the sun conscious eyebrow do not remove the eye!

  • Not the beach but the game time:Avoid the sun from 10.00 to 10.30 in the morning, which is when the sun starts to come upright. Nevertheless, if it stays under the sun between these hours; Spread sunscreen even if it will play in the garden. Remember, most of the sun burns happen on the beach, not during the daily games! Cloudy and foggy weather may also be sunburn. Clouds do not filter out harmful ultraviolet waves of sunlight. In addition, in cool and windy weather, the coolness felt on the skin causes sunburn to occur.
  • The best way of protection is to cover up: The best way to protect from the sun is to cover. You should not see your hand when you put your hand under your child's clothing. If it is not too hot and it does not bother your child, wear long sleeves and long trousers so that they do not come into direct contact with the skin. Sun umbrellas should also be used to protect infants. Sunscreen creams should not be applied to children under 6 months.
  • Use sunscreen: The most important point in sunscreen is the degree of UV protection. The SPF (sun protection factor), which is written on the box of the creams, should be 15 and above. Children over 6 months should be given sunscreen with at least 15 protection factors. Sunscreen creams should be used to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Drive half an hour ago: For adequate protection, apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out. Over the nose, ear scoops, nape, shoulder and back should not be forgotten. Repeat 1 application every 2 hours.
  • Protect eyes: Corneal damage may occur if exposed to sun for a long time. Damage to the eye is cumulative over time and may result in cataracts. For this you need to protect the eyes. Glasses with colored plastic lenses create a false sense of protection. For real protection, UV filter glasses with 100 percent UV protection should be used.

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