Should I get pregnant after childbirth?

Should I get pregnant after childbirth?

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You're her mother now. Your family is for 3 people. But at least - for now - you don't intend to expand your family. Then you have to choose an effective, safe and appropriate contraceptive method. But how? The answer to this question HaydarpaƟa Numune Training and Research Hospital Family Planning Unit Family Medicine Specialist Assoc. Dr. View Zeynep's Full Profile We have received.

: Turkey in family planning "What is the situation in?
Assoc. Dr. Contact Zeynep directly According to the 1998 Turkey Demographic and Health Survey Turkey "modern birth control methods are little used. Traditional methods, such as retraction and calendar method, are of low reliability. Turkey "also among women in fertile age, the rate was 4.4% while using birth control pills, European" 25% of this rate - 30 and even seems to be to 50%.

: What do you think about the use of birth control pills so little?
Assoc. Dr. Contact Zeynep directly The side effects and risks of birth control pills are mistakenly considered exaggerated, taking into account the old high-dose pills. False prejudices are common in our society, such as birth control pills that cause cancer, infertility, and weight gain. However, birth control pills have numerous benefits besides contraception. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis, protects against uterine and ovarian cancer, and prevents anemia due to reducing menstrual bleeding. Since the hormone doses in the pills were relatively low, weight gain was no longer a problem.

: How can women decide which contraceptive pill to choose?
Assoc. Dr. View Zeynep's Full Profile Women who prefer birth control pills as a method of protection should definitely choose their medication with the advice of a specialist. Depending on the person's needs and needs, the doctor will recommend the right medicine. It is absolutely not right to take medicine at the pharmacy without doctor's approval. In addition, women who are over 35 years of age and nursing mothers who smoke cigarette contraceptives are not recommended.

: Is it true that breastfeeding mothers will not get pregnant?
Assoc. Dr. View Zeynep's Full Profile The mother does not get pregnant if she is breastfeeding your baby regularly for 6 months, not giving any food in between and getting up at night. However, if you do not breastfeed regularly, there is a risk of getting pregnant. In this case, one of the contraception methods should be preferred.

: Which control methods do you recommend to mothers after childbirth?
Assoc. Dr. View Zeynep's Full Profile The best options for women after childbirth are inserting an intrauterine device (spiral) and needling for 3 months, and using hormone spiral. Mini pills are used abroad but not yet in our country. These pills are used like birth control pills. There is no 7-day break on birth control pills. It should be taken at the same time every day.

: Can you give information about the methods commonly used after childbirth?
Assoc. Dr. View Zeynep's Full Profile Intrauterine device usually used after the first pregnancy. This is a small system, usually made of T-shaped plastic, the vertical portion of which is covered with a copper wire. This system is placed in the uterine cavity. Protects from pregnancy for a long time. There is no harm in the application immediately after birth. In recent years hormonal spirals started to be used. The intrauterine system, unlike copper spirals, does not contain copper wire in the vertical part of the T-shaped system, but instead has a reservoir containing a progestagen and a diffusion membrane covering it. After insertion, this system provides a very small amount of progestagen continuously from the diffusion membrane to the uterine cavity. The release of this hormone has a significant effect on the menstrual cycle because it constantly reduces the development of the uterine mucosa. As a result, the duration and volume of menstruation gradually decreases or the menses disappear. This is normal for a contraceptive method. It does not show hormonal imbalance or early menopause for a woman of childbearing age. On the contrary, in this case, the reduction or disappearance of menses provides more freedom. Keeps you away from the risk of anemia and fatigue. A recommended method during lactation 3-month needles. These needles containing progestagen protect from pregnancy for 3 months. The first day of menstruation should be done. Menstrual bleeding decreases over time. Extremely reliable. All these methods can be re-pregnant as soon as they are released. All of them are extremely easy to return.

: What are the permanent methods you can recommend for couples who do not want to have children again?
Assoc. Dr. View Zeynep's Full Profile Permanent methods are surgical methods. Surgical methods include the attachment of seed canals in man, ie vasectomy; in women, the ligation of the tube is tube ligation. Couples who do not want children again can benefit from these methods. Both methods have high protection and have no negative effect on sexual intercourse or sexual function.

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