Questions about NST (Non-Stress Test)

Questions about NST (Non-Stress Test)

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End of pregnancy NST is one of the words you will often hear from your doctor. Those who are curious about NST which is defined as a test that enables the detection of increases in heart movements and movements of the fetus as a sign of healthy fetus in later weeks of pregnancyGynecology and Obstetrics Specialist at Yeditepe University Hospital Dr. View Cem's Full Profile It explains.

- What is NST?

Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu:pregnancy In the following weeks, fetus movements as a sign of healthy fetus movements and heart beat is detected to detect the increase.

-For what purpose and in what situations is it used during pregnancy? In which period of pregnancy is NST needed?

Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu:It is used in pregnancy to determine the fetus to be healthy in the womb. Especially in maternal diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, goiter, high blood pressure during pregnancy, decreased movements of the fetus, growth retardation, decreased water, pregnancy risk exceeding 40 weeks of gestation NST examination It is important in monitoring the health of the fetus. Usually 32-34 of pregnancy. weeks. In the presence of risk factors related to pregnancy, such as the threat of preterm birth, it can be started at earlier weeks, such as the 26th gestational week. Normal NST pain values ​​should be repeated after 1 week or twice a week. In case of deterioration of clinical findings, it is repeated regardless of the elapsed time.

-How long does it take?

Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu:The procedure lasts 20 minutes. Baby It can be applied for 40 minutes and longer according to the sleep cycles.

- How to interpret NST?

Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu:Increased heart rate in NST is interpreted according to gestational week. A normal NST test is considered to be at least 2 seconds above the 32nd gestational week for NST for at least 15 seconds and for a maximum of 2 minutes, where the heart rate rises above 15 beats and returns to the average rate. 32. pregnancy At least 2 increases in NST before 10 weeks of gestation in which the heart rate returns to the average rate above 10 beats is considered as normal NST.

- According to the results of the NST only the baby's status is certain?

Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu:As a result of NST pain values, fetus It gives the change of heart beats according to the movements in the womb. It is also useful for identifying contractions in the mother's uterus and to distinguish whether actual labor pains have started. Monitoring the intensity and interval of contractions in the uterus is important in terms of maternal and fetus health in the beginning and follow-up of labor.

- Can the NST Pain Value Test Cause Harm to the Baby or the Mother?

Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu:The test does not harm the baby or the mother.

What is Reliability?
Professor Dr. Cem Ficicioglu:Fetus is normal in 80% of cases with abnormal NST pain. Abnormal NST findings may be related to gestational age. Depending on the development of the fetus, NST is normal in 80% of fetuses before 28 weeks of gestation. Normal NST findings in these weeks provide information that the fetus is healthy as in advanced gestational weeks.

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